Life Science Jobs in Demand

Life Science Jobs in Demand – Biotech Jobs & Skills in Demand in 2030

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Jobs & Skills in Demand in 2030

In today’s world, the Biotech and Pharma Industry is a cornerstone of society. With constantly evolving technologies it can be difficult to keep up with current trends in research and development if you are not plugged into company news or information about industry changes outside your field. To reach its full potential (which I’m sure we all want), this sector needs candidates who have skills for an ever-changing landscape that includes new advances as well as insights from senior scientists/Bio-professionals

The Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals Industry plays a major role in modern global economics due to the ongoing job market evolution within industries on the whole; however, many individuals may miss out on opportunities because they do not stay up-to-date with what’s happening around them.

When you want to make a career in the Life science industry, it requires a passion for your subject and dedication. You also need mastery over certain skill sets that are needed for this type of work. Once you know what is required, figuring out how to build

these skills becomes easier!

The Biotech and Pharma industry is one of the most exciting sectors to be at the moment. And we have gathered experts in the industry to discuss the skills one has to develop to make a successful career in this field by 2030. Biotecnika will be hosting a live webinar on 28th April where you can learn more about how to frame your career in the coming decade.

Free Webinar on Jobs & Skills in Demand in 2030

Agenda of this webinar:

The world is witnessing a shift in job demand and top skills essential to making a career in industry and academia. In this webinar, we will be talking about the skills you need to develop to cope with the competition that lies ahead. By the end of the webinar, you will understand the job market and what to expect in the coming decade.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: 28th April 2021
  • Time: 7 PM IST
  • Mode Of Webinar– Online
  • Duration: 90 Mins approximately
  • Registration Fee– Free of cost for all Biotecnika Members, Students, Teachers, and Bio-professionals
  • Speakers: Mr. Shekhar Suman, Dr. Nupur & Dr. Tanushree


Who should register?

This webinar is for freshers and experienced candidates. If you are a student, recent graduate, or a working professional, you must attend this free webinar. If you are at crossroads about your career and wondering which path to choose, then you must not miss this webinar!

All Biotecnika Members, Subscribers, and students are invited to attend.


Join the LIVE Question & Answer session with experts!

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Life Science Jobs in Demand

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