CSIR PhD Admission Interview Tips

The Toughest part of CSIR NET is not the exam part but once you have qualified for the exam you must go to attend the interviews at various institutes. 

Now, That day when you have to go out to give an interview, that intense moment combined with the uncertainty of what may happen next, leads to a lot of dilemmas & Nervousness in the mind. Sadly there are no articles or videos on the internet to help you on this topic once you have qualified for the CSIR NET exam.

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Thus our experts at Biotecnika have combined a set of 10 pointers to help you pass through this difficult phase. 

Even before I tell you these ten pointers, you must know something very important: you must check on Ph.D. notifications and scholarships available in various institutes.

Familiarize yourself with current scholarship in the field. Many students who get a CSIR NET LS fail to check on this, and then they end up self-funding their Ph.D. So whenever you apply for a Ph.D. Admission notification then always check for the Ph.D. funding terms and conditions.

Now Let’s get started with 10 points on How to Successfully deliver your CSIR PhD Admission Interview:

  1. Start with Why: When you attend an interview they definitely ask you Why do you want to do a Ph.D. in this topic? What is the reason behind it? To answer this question, you have to be thorough about your research proposal or statement of purpose. There can also be questions related to your motivation behind pursuing a Ph.D. Always Be Prepared to talk about your research interests in detail. You must also prepare yourself to talk about the prospects of your research work.
  2. Customize your Introduction: Now as soon as you start your interview, they will ask you to Introduce yourself, Now, you need to introduce yourself in a way relevant to the context of the Ph.D. Topic or field you want to choose. For example, you want to become a molecular biologist, mention the same in your introduction like this: I am an aspiring Molecular Biologist, willing to make an impact in the field of and then you <mention your area of interest>
  3. Do Literature Review: Now, you must go through your previous research work in the field, brush up on concepts related to your dissertations, project if any. Now we have conducted a separate webinar on how to do a Literature review, check it out. Link is given in the description 
  4. Societal Impact: You will get questions related to the impact of your research work on society at large. So be ready to answer what would be the impact of your research project on society.
  5. Supervisor Background Check: Always Read your potential supervisor’s research work and be ready to answer questions like why you want to work with him/her. You must be able to impress your Ph.D. guide if you want to work with him. Remember, This is a Long term relationship, but it starts with the 1st impression you make, so make sure your 1st impression is a long-lasting one!
  6. Get Certified, Get Ahead: Now, just qualifying for your CSIR NET exam is not enough. You must also do some wet Lab or Dry Lab or Online Certifications to get ahead of your competitors.  Update yourself with current research tools and techniques, and trends, That’s very important! For your, convenience Biotecnika offers a wide array of Self Learning Online Certification courses. Do check out the link in the description for more details. This will help you get noticed and get ahead during your interview process.
  7. Number 7: Belief in yourself: now, if you cannot believe in yourself, no one can believe in you. The biggest investment you can make today is to hire Mr. Triumph in your mind and fire Mr. Doubter from your mind. You need to reflect self-confidence in every word you speak during your interview process. Also, do not forget to Dress formally, Be confident. Believe in yourself; only then, this interview will be a piece of cake.
  8. What you will do After Ph.D.: You need to be ready with answers for questions like “ What do you plan to do after completing your Ph.D.” Now this question is not as simple as it looks. If you just blabber something randomly, you will definitely not get through the interview. You must show a strong research enthusiasm to pursue & contribute your dream research in a lab where you can intellectuality to good use beyond your Ph.D. as well.
  9. Stay Up to Date – Update yourself with the current work in different institutes related to your research topic. Also, keep a check on various notifications that come out from various Institutes. The best way to do that is by subscribing to Biotecnika’s Daily Newsletter popularly known as Biotecnika Times and downloading Biotecnika’s official App. This way, you will keep yourself updated with the latest news from various institutes and organizations.
  10. Keep Regular Question’s Answer handy:  Be ready to answer some typical questions such as
    1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses?
    2. “Why have you chosen to study Ph.D. at a particular university or institute”? 
    3. What is the biggest challenge you foresee for your Ph.D.?

Also a bonus tip: In case you don’t know the answer to any question, politely say no to the interview committee, never ever blabber something aimlessly.

So these were the 10 Points to help you successfully qualify for your Ph.D. Admissions interview, however, as I speak to you, I have more than 100+ points, but I feel these ten will be a good starting point. So if you have any specific questions now, please comment below, and our experts would love to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading; see you in the next one.

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Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika