CSIR GATE Study Plan – Top 10 Ideas To Achieve Daily Study Targets

A Dream written down with a date becomes a goal, A Goal broken down into steps becomes a Plan. A Plan backed by Action makes your Dreams come true. The one thing that matters is the effort.

And today we are going to talk about 10 key effort ideas that will help you achieve your Daily Study targets.

Number 1: Feasible Time Table

Make a feasible timetable and keep the books/notes ready before you go to sleep at night. Make your Study table ready with the required books, notes, pen, and pencil, etc. Make sure you have an achievable timetable. Don’t plan to study 10 topics a day, instead plan to study 2 to 3 topics only but in an effective manner. If you learn early in your life, you will save precious hours later when you actually start studying. Now, many students plan to study 10 hours but the actual metric is studying quality 10 hours and not quantity 10 hours.

Number 2: Plan your Study Hours in Advance

Break your study hours, do not study for more than 2 hrs at a stretch. Always keep

difficult topics at the morning hour when one can concentrate the most. Design Mini targets and achieve them. Additionally Taking a break between topics is very important. Never ever study continuously. Always view your Daily study plan as not a cricket test match, but a 20-20 Cricket Match.

Number 3: Reward yourself after reaching the target

You need motivation for reaching your daily study Targets. Remember you are human and rewarding is psychology, which keeps the chimp inside you happy. You must always reward yourself with something you like to do but only after you have achieved your daily study targets.

Number 4: Revise Every Day

Keep time to recall the daily assignments. Revision must be a part of your Study Plan. if you do not keep revision in your daily schedule then you will not remember anything from the previous day, even if you keep achieving your daily study targets every day.

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Number 5: Study Hours = No Notification

Switch off all notifications (Phone, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc) during the study period for total concentration. Studying is like driving on the road. If you keep watching your phone every few minutes, then accidents are bound to happen. So you need to stay away from your mobile and other electronic items if you wish to achieve your daily study targets. Now if I were you, I will keep my mobile in super silent mode in a face-down position or simply keep it away from my study table.

CSIR GATE Study Plan

Number 6: Use Smart Tools

Use reminders and smart tools like Alexa, Siri, or Google Voice App to set timers for the completion of sub-targets of the day. For example, you wish to finish the DNA Replication topic by 11 AM today, so set a reminder in Alexa to remind you at 10;30 Am to start winding up the topic. This way you will be able to finish the topic faster. Additionally, you can remind yourself to revise the topic after 1 week by simply asking Alexa to remind you to revise DNA replication 7 days from today.

Number 7: Innovate on your Study Pattern

When you don’t feel like studying, try changing study positions or patterns, like reading instead of Writing, or Writing instead of Reading, change your study place, study hours, sitting position, and sitting chairs, lights position, etc. Experiment with these elements as long as you do not find your perfect fit.

Number 8: Make a checklist

Making a Checklist gives you a sense of accomplishment, keep ticking off the completed sub-target for the day each time you finish them. This way you will gain confidence as you proceed ahead and at the end of the day you will realize you have completed most of the targets

Number 9: Be Agile & Flexible

Always Give yourself credit for completing a subpart of your daily target, but there is no need to feel bad or demotivated for not being able to complete 100% of the set target. Completing some part of it is also progress. You have to be agile in your approach and be flexible with your goals. No plan is a perfect plan, even if I was at your place I would not have been able to achieve 100% of my Daily Study Target every day. So as long as you are able to achieve a minimum of 90% of your Daily Study Target, that will be sufficient.

Number 10: Create Momentum Slowly

The first 5 minutes of your study schedule is very crucial so make sure you start on time and gain study momentum slowly, even an airplane starts slow before it takes off, similarly you have to break your 1st five minutes of studying into 3-4 steps such as Sitting right, Opening books, opening your notebook and thinking about the importance of the topic as per the syllabus. This will give you enough motivation to get started.

So these were the ten points that are necessary for achieving your Daily Study Targets – CSIR GATE Study Plan, Let us know in the comments section which points you already implement, which points you will implement, and add more points that you feel are needed to achieve your daily study targets.

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