In December of 2019, NTA moved the CSIR NET exam to the Online CBT Mode, and that is where it all began. It’s been two years since that happened, but till today we all are using a similar Online test Series platform that just mimics the CSIR NET CBT mode.

But there is a small problem; these test series:

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  • Do not tell you what difficulty level of questions you can solve;
  • They don’t tell you how much time you took to solve a question
  • and They don’t tell you how much time other students are taking to solve challenging questions.

So here, we want to share how we have successfully used Artificial Intelligence technology in our AIMNET test series and solved all these problems, how we have transformed our AIMNET Test Series into a Success machine.

Now it’s 2021 and Artificial Intelligence is such a versatile technology that it is being applied in every field possible!

We are now so close to having AI-powered Self-driven cars, AI in agriculture or drug discovery, or virtual assistants like Alexa making our lives easier. Why not use this fantastic technology for improving the way we study for the CSIR NET exam?

Imagine using Ai for your CSIR NET Exam preparation! Imagine if you had someone to time your answering ability and challenge you to do better at every level while you solve questions. Imagine that a personalized Ai is sitting and watching what kind of questions you are solving and then throwing more difficult questions each time you solve a question correctly.

Won’t it be amazing to have someone correct you and statistically analyze your preparation in the initial days itself so that you are 100% prepared to tackle even the most challenging questions in the examination?

It gives me immense pleasure to tell you – We at Biotecnika have designed, developed, and curated a Test Series for CSIR NET Exam, Best CSIR NET Online Test Series in Life Science which does all these things. For the First time in India, there is an exclusive AI-based Adaptive Test Series for CSIR NET Life science candidates.

We all know CSIR NET Exam is a highly prestigious and Important exam, and there is plenty of test series available online. All these test series just mimic the main CSIR NET Exam, but none of them analyze what level of questions you can solve or how much time was consumed per question.

This is where the AI Adaptive test series comes into the picture.

We call it the ADAPTIVE Test series because the test series will adapt to your way of solving questions.

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Let’s talk about the 3 advanced features of this Test Series

– You can choose your Difficulty level

  • Once you enter your details and begin the test- You will be given a chance to select your difficulty level on a scale of 1-5, where one is the easiest and 5 is the most challenging question. You can choose the level of difficulty based on your preparation and confidence. Once you have made a choice, the AI Bot will start throwing questions at you accordingly.
  • Here comes the interesting part- For example, if you have chosen Level 4 Difficulty from Unit 1 and successfully answered all the questions correctly, our AI Bot will calculate the time taken and challenge you with the Next Level Question, level 5 questions.
  • If you face difficulty in a certain level of questions, the AI will suggest you practice lower difficulty level questions first until you get perfect at them.
  • You will now immediately know where you are going wrong and where you stand in your preparation.

– The Next fantastic feature you will be getting is the Question response time, in short, the QRT.

  • The Ai Adaptive test series will be recording the average time taken by the students to solve questions from certain difficulty levels.
  • Once you complete the test, you will be given your average Question Response time that is the average time you took to solve any particular question. If you can solve even the most challenging questions in a short duration, then well and Good, but if you are taking more time, the AI will compare and suggest which kind of questions you are losing your time to and where you need to put in more effort.

– On top of all this, The AI will also calculate and tell you the Average Question Response Time of all the students who have ever attempted that particular test, So Suppose You tried AIMNET 1, which is for Unit 1 of the CSIR NET exam, you will not just get your Average QRT but also the Average QRT of all the students who have attempted AIMNET 1

  • At the end of the test, you will have a complete analysis of your preparation status.
    This analysis will tell precisely where you stand!
  • If you can solve questions from difficulty level 5 in a short time, no one can stop you from qualifying with 100 Percent marks.
  • If your average level of difficulty or average QRT lacks compared to other candidates, you know you have to buck up and prepare harder.

Now that is the kind of challenge we want to put you in so that you have mastered the most challenging questions and also timed them perfectly.

The AI Adaptive test series is designed just like a game. The better you get at it, the higher the levels you will reach.

We are sure by now you all have plenty of questions on this new type of test Series! So Go ahead and reach us on the Toll-Free 1800-1200- 1818 or email us at [email protected]. Our experts will be happy to help you out.

Technology, when used right, is the biggest boon to our generation! The AI technology applied to the test series will be the one platform that can make a huge difference in your preparation and your performance in the examination.

Go ahead and register for the AI Adaptive Test series and experience it yourself.

Register Here For AI-AIMNET Test Series

Shekhar Suman is the CEO & Managing Director of BioTecNika Info Labs Pvt Ltd, An avid reader who is passionate about Bio Sciences and has gifted us BioTecNika