Indo-Russian Joint Research

Indo-Russian Joint Research – Call for Proposals 2021

The official notification for the Department of Science & Technology (DST) Indo-Russian Joint Research Call for Proposals 2021 has been announced. Interested Indian nationals can check out all of the details on the DST Indo-Russian Call for Proposals 2021 that are given below:

This call expires in :

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Indo-Russian Joint Research
Call for Proposals 2021

DEADLINE DATE 15th June 2021

Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India and Russian Science Foundation (RSF) have concluded a Programme of Cooperation (POC) for funding of Joint Research Proposals in India and Russia in the areas of Basic Science. Under this POC, each project will receive annual funding of up to equivalent of US $ 100,000 in respective national currencies.

DST and RSF invite active Indian and Russian scientists/researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Project in the following areas under DST- RSF cooperation:

  1. Smart transport and telecommunications;
  2. Smart healthcare and medicine;
  3. New Materials;
  4. Plant and Animal Bio-Technology;
  5. Clean Energy;
  6. Artificial Intelligence;
  7. Safe Food;

Proposals submitted in other research areas will not be considered.

Terms of this Project Grant:

  • The duration of each project is three years.
  • Project on each side to be implemented by a project team consisting of at least 4
    members and maximum up to 10 members and should consist of min 50% of young
    scientists/faculty (below 39 years).
  • Indian PIs should be scientists/faculty members working in a regular capacity in
    universities, academic institutes and national research and development
    laboratories/institutes. The Indian Principal Investigator (PI) should not be retiring or
    leaving the parent institute during the proposed duration of the project.
  • Project coordinators on both sides must have published at least 10 research articles
    in SCI-indexed journals in the last 5 years.
  • It is expected that each supported project would result in at least 10 research
    publications in SCI-indexed journals.
  • The Indian and Russian team leaders should submit an identical application to
    the respective nodal agency, upon consultations, using the respective forms prescribed
    by DST and RSF. Applications submitted by one side only; not in prescribed format
    and received after the due date will not be accepted. Indian/Russian team leaders should, therefore, ensure that their counterpart submits an identical application in the prescribed format as per guidelines of nodal agencies by the due date.
  • The team leader shall be entitled to submit only one application to take part in this competition. There shall be no restriction on the number of projects that one organization may implement.
  • Indian researchers currently implementing any Indo-Russian joint project which
    is likely to be over after 31st December 2021 are not eligible to submit a proposal
    under this call.
  • The Indian scientists who are in any way involved in the implementation of two or more projects that were previously supported by the DST (International Group) and that is not expected to be completed by 31 December 2021 are also not eligible to be a member of the research team.
  • All proposals should be supported with brief bio-data of the entire project team members indicating their affiliation, date of birth, highlights of academic and research activities/awards.
  • Indian researchers should submit their proposals in the format available at After registration, they should move to the scheme and format section where details about this call would be available in the International cooperation (bilateral). One hard copy of the proposal should be sent to the Department of Science & Technology at the contacts given below.
  • The title of the project submitted on both systems should be identical. The opening of the call for proposal is 15th March 2021.
  • A list of selected projects is likely to be posted on the website
    and in December 2021.
  • Russian and Indian teams should comply with national regulations described
    in the call documentation.
  • Expected start of projects: January 2022.
  • The size of one grant of the RSF shall range from 4 (four) to 7 (seven) million
    Rubles annually. The size of one grant from the Department shall range up to 7
    (seven) million Indian rupees annually.

Kind of support available for Joint Project:

Each project will receive annual funding of up to Rs. 70,00,000 from DST and up to Rbls
70,00, 000 from RSF. This funding will cover the following expenses in connection with a

  • Consumables, Accessories, Fellowships and other research expenses;
    Expenditure by the project team in their country would be borne by the respective country, i.e., DST would support expenditure on the Indian side of the project whereas RSF would meet the expenditure of the Russian side.
  • Support for Exchange visit component: The sending side would provide a return
    International airfare, accommodation, per diem, etc. Presently for the approved visit of Indian scientists to Russia, the following expenditure are agreed: international fare (from the nearest airport to destination city by economy excursion class), cash allowance @ the US $ 50 per day for a visit less than a week and the US $ 40 per day for longer visit; accommodation up to US $ 100 per night (subject to receipt US $ 125
    in case of Moscow / St. Petersburg), local transport up to the US $ 25 (subject to
    receipt) and overseas medical insurance by silver class for visit duration.
  • A maximum of 40 % of the Indian side’s budget may be allowed for consumables.
  • Institutional Overhead: As per DST norms.

Assessment of Applications:

All applications received by the notified round closing date will undergo a peer-review process and then be referred to an independent advisory panel for consideration and ranking. DST and RSF will conduct a parallel review of the applications respectively based on the agreed criteria. DST and RSF will make joint decisions based on the review results. DST and RSF may consider inviting Project coordinators for the presentation of the proposed work as part of the review process.

Applications must attain a positive rating to be considered eligible for funding. Joint
selection of successful applications by DST and RSF will be discussed by the respective nodal agencies and informed by the rankings. Decisions are made by the DST-RSF Joint Working Group and will be final.

Submitting an Application:

The Indian researchers can download the proposal formats from websites / and should submit a completed application form and all relevant information through an e-PMS portal of the DST. Proposals must be
submitted to DST through the e-application system provided at
Indian Applicants also requested to send one hard copy to DST (Dr. Sibashisa Dash,
Scientist C, DST) by 20th June 2021 through proper channel. It should be ensured that
application with the identical title has been submitted by his / her Russian counterpart to
RSF by the due date. Proposal not submitted through either ePMS portal or hard copy by the due date will not be considered. DST will not be liable for any postal delay.

For further details and clarifications, if any, kindly contact any of the following in India
or Russia:

For India
Dr. Sibashisa Dash
Scientist ‘C’, International Division,
Department of Science & Technology,
Ministry of Science & Technology,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi – 110 016., India
Fax: +91-11-26590317
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: /

For Russia
International Division Russian
Science Foundation
GSP-2, 109992, ul. Solyanka, d.
str. 3MOSCOW (Russia)
E-mail: [email protected]

See Notification & Download Application Format From Below

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