India-UK Dual PhD Program

India-UK Dual PhD Program: Collaboration between the University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur

The University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur (India) announced a dual award Ph.D. program that embodies the next phase of an imperative collaboration. This will undoubtedly strengthen and build on existing study collaborations across several thematic areas consisting of environmental geochemistry, biomaterials, and Industry 4.0. Candidates will be jointly selected and carry out the research both in Manchester and Kharagpur, benefiting from the proficiency, amenities, and infrastructure of 2 worldwide distinguished organizations.

The program will be launching in July 2021. The program will be open to IIT and IISc grads from India during its preliminary phase. Candidates will have to register at the University of Manchester as well as IIT Kharagpur. The 1st year of the program has to be spent at IIT Kharagpur. The remaining period will be split as per the project demands as planned by the supervisors and the Joint Programme Board between The University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur.

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Both organizations will be liable for making their award; however, the two parts would certainly form a single research experience handled jointly by both establishments. The successful Ph.D. students will certainly get parchments from the University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur – both prominently citing the collaborative nature of the research and the companion institute’s name.

IIT Kharagpur has previously launched similar programs with universities in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Yet, this is the first time such a joint program has been established with a British university.

Proffessor Baidurya Bhattacharya, Former Dean International Relations, IIT Kharagpur, who was involved in establishing this program, stated that this Dual Award Ph.D. is a unique collaboration enabled by trust and respect they have actually developed for many years for each other’s study quality and academic standards. Beginning with specifying the Ph.D. project, selection, admission of the candidate, supervision, dissertation work, assessment, and eventually awarding the degree, everything is jointly carried out. He thinks this program will give the template for equal collaboration between IITs and top universities from the UK in the coming days.

As a core part of its global approach, the University of Manchester is entering into a small number of dual award Ph.D. programs with prominent companion organizations worldwide.

Prof Stephen Flint, Assoc Vice-President International, the University of Manchester, stated that the dual Ph.D. with IIT Kharagpur is testimony to the University’s critical aims to develop best research links with India and to inspire more student movement between the 2 regions.”

Additionally, he stated that the University of Manchester developed research partnerships with IIT Kharagpur a few years earlier, and this dual award Ph.D. program is the following action in expanding their partnership, with academic colleagues in both organizations sharing supervision of the Ph.D. candidates, who will spend 2 years each in Manchester and Kharagpur.

Faculties from the Manchester University and IIT Kharagpur will together determine projects which a Joint Program Board approves. According to the umbrella MoU signed in 2017, a few of the fields for potential joint projects are Earth-Environment-Water Sciences, Advanced Materials, Smart Textiles, and Biomedical Informatics. Many potential partnerships between faculties of both establishments have already been identified to encourage the development of further partnerships. Under this program, full and partial financing will certainly be available on a competitive basis for 4 years for a selected number of qualified and progressing candidates.


India-UK Dual PhD Program: Collaboration between the University of Manchester and IIT Kharagpur

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