CSIR NET Test Series

CSIR NET Test Series – Artificial Intelligence Powered AIMNET Test Series

For The First Time Ever

Practice CSIR NET Life Science Questions with Artificial Intelligence Technology

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With Multiple Difficulty Levels

CSIR NET Exam is less than 90 days away, and the announcement will be out anytime time soon. It’s now time to gear up your preparation and start practicing for the main exam. Biotecnika’s popular Online Test series- The AIMNET test series is back. And this time, we have made it more powerful by using one of the latest technologies Artificial Intelligence.

Biotecnika is proud to announce the AI-Powered AIMNET Test series, which will help you evaluate your progress in a personalized manner. This test series will be conducted online and is based on the CSIR NET Life science pattern. The difficulty levels and the Time assessment will you a clear picture of your preparation and challenge you to prepare better. Attempt the AI-Powered AIMNET Test series Online and get ready for the final CSIR NET Exam.

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Salient features of Artificial Intelligence-based AIMNET Test Series

  • Personalized Difficulty levels: You can choose the difficulty level of your choice based on your preparation. The difficulty levels range from 1- 5, Level 1 being easy and level 5 being the toughest. This will give you a clear understanding of your ability to solve different level questions, and the same strategy can be applied to solve Part B and Part C questions in the final exam.
  • Question Response Time (QRT): The average time taken to complete one question is calculated, and QRT is presented to you at the end of the test, giving you a clear picture of where you can save time and on which questions you need to work on.
  • Exam Mode And Practice mode: Exam mode comes with a timer giving you a real-time exam experience, and the level of difficulty will be fixed. In the practice mode, you can choose the level of difficulty based on your preference.
  • The pattern of questions: Questions will be unit-wise and will be segregated based on the difficulty level. Negative marking enabled to give you real-time practice
  • Report on Individual Performance: At the end of the test, you will also receive a report and suggestions to work on.

Enroll in the ultimate test series for CSIR NET preparation and learn to manage time, prepare according to your level of preparation and compete with fellow students taking up the exam.

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AI-AIMNET Schedule:

S.No. Scheduled date Syllabus
AIMNET 0 4th April 2021 Full Syllabus test
AIMNET 1 11th April 2021 Unit- 1
AIMNET 2 18th April 2021 Unit- 2
AIMNET 3 25th April 2021 Unit- 3
AIMNET 4 2nd May 2021 Unit- 4
AIMNET 5 9th May 2021 Unit- 5
AIMNET 6 9th May 2021 Unit- 6
AIMNET 7 16th May 2021 Unit- 7
AIMNET 8 16th May 2021 Unit- 8
AIMNET 9 23rd May 2021 Unit- 9
AIMNET 10 23rd May 2021 Unit- 10
AIMNET 11 30th May 2021 Unit- 11
AIMNET 12 30th May 2021 Unit- 12
AIMNET 13 5th June 2021 Unit- 13
AIMNET 14 5th June 2021 Full Syllabus test
AIMNET 15 6th June 2021 Full syllabus test


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Frequently asked questions: 

  • Eligibility for the Test Series- Any Life science candidate preparing for the CSIR NET Exam for LS or JRF can enroll.
  • What is the validity of this test series? – The test series will be valid for 6 months from the date of enrollment
  • How many times can one attempt? – In both the practice & exam mode, one can attempt the questions any number of times.
  • Questions will be based on per CSIR NET exam pattern & syllabus? – Yes, The questions will be based on CSIR NET Syllabus
  • What is the minimum requirement to give the test? – To have a hurdle-free experience it’s advisable to have a laptop/ PC and stable internet connection.


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