CSIR NET Exam Preparation

CSIR NET Exam Preparation Using Artificial Intelligence

An Exclusive webinar you wouldn’t want to miss!

How to use Artificial intelligence in your CSIR NET exam preparation

Free for all CSIR NET Life Science aspirants

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There is no substitute for hard work, but no one said smart work doesn’t yield the desired results.

Preparing for CSIR NET Exam is all about planning right and preparing smartly. But these are the things we were never taught during our schooling and college days. When there is cutthroat competition, one has to make use of the valuable resource available to us -TECHNOLOGY to stay ahead of the competition and work towards achieving the goals.

Biotecnika brings you an exclusive webinar where we will discuss how to use versatile technology to make your preparation process easy and powerful. Learn how to prepare smartly for the upcoming CSIR NET Exam in a limited time.

“How to use Artificial intelligence in your CSIR NET exam preparation.”


Webinar Details:

  • Webinar Agenda: We will be discussing how to use Artificial Intelligence and technology in your CSIR NET exam preparation
  • Date: 23rd March 2021
  • Time: 7 PM
  • Duration: 90 mins approximately
  • Speakers: Mr. Shekhar Suman and Dr. Urmimala Ray
  • Registration Fee: Free for all Biotecnika Subscribers.

Who should attend?

This webinar is a must for every CSIR NET Life science aspirant Students pursuing Msc / Mtech / Btech must attend to understand the requirements for the CSIR NET Exam, All research scholars/teachers / Ph.D. aspirants preparing for the exam.


The journey of preparing for an exam can go in two directions-

An enjoyable learning process, the right study aids, and the right attitude leading to success
Monotonous process without the right guidance ultimately leading to frustration and being ill-prepared for the exam.

The path which you choose decides your journey in the coming years. Attend the free webinar to understand how you can make your preparation more challenging to tackle the upcoming CSIR NET Exam.


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  1. Amazing webinar.. learn about how to revise and management to time with artificial intelligence.. thank u biotecnika.

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