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Thermo Fisher Scientific Protein Biology Scientist Recruitment. Thermo Fisher Scientific hiring for a Scientist I, Cell Biology/Biotechnology or Life Science job opening. Scientist I, Jobs at Thermo Fisher. Interested and eligible candidates can check out all the details below:

Job Title: Scientist I

Job ID: 146741BR

Job Location: Bangalore, India

Role & Responsibilities:


Thermo Fisher Scientific is recruiting a Scientist who can promote innovation as well as improve customer outcomes via development as well as validation of cell culture workflows, reagents, and consumables.


  • Aseptic expansion, upkeep, as well as banking of mammalian cell lines and/or primary cells
  • Pharmacological stimulation, inhibition on cell culture samples, lysate prep work, buffer/medium preparation for western blot, immunofluorescence testing, and also various other related tests
  • Responsible for daily monitoring of the cell culture as well as keeping a thorough record of cell culture parameters and also results right into data sheets and/or electronic notebooks.
  • Western blot, Immunocytochemistry execution
  • Generating CRISPR KOs
  • Responsible for data integrity, accuracy, and analysis
  • Should be able to plan as well as execute experiments

Candidate Requirement:


  • Organizational skills with attention to detail are critical
  • Applicants with strong communication skills, both oral and also in scientific writing is favoured.
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals would be a bonus. The ideal applicant will demonstrate a thorough understanding of research projects utilizing standard techniques and protocols.
  • Applicant should be a good team player, ready to learn new techniques, as well as an innovative thinker.

Education & Experience levels:

  • Applicants should have a strong background in Cell and protein Biology as well as a Master’s degree in Cell Biology/Biotechnology or related Life Science with 2-3 years of pertinent industry experience

Nature of experience:

  • Should have a clear understanding of the basics of cell biology, protein biology, and also molecular biology.
  • Experience in primary and/or stem cell work, CRISPR KO generation, NGS will be an added advantage.
  • GLP, GMP or any other certification in lab practices, as well as EHS certification, will certainly be considered as a bonus.

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