Unilever Biotechnology Research Scientist

Unilever Biotechnology Research Scientist / Associate Recruitment

Unilever Biotechnology Research Scientist / Associate Recruitment. Biotechnology candidates are encouraged to apply for the Senior Research Associate/Asst. Research Scientist – Product Engineering vacancy that is available at Unilever. Interested and eligible applicants check out all of the details on the same below:

Unilever Research Vacancy Details

Job Title: Senior Research Associate/Asst. Research Scientist – Product Engineering

Location: Bangalore

Req ID: R-07982

We are looking to hire a Senior Research Associate/Asst. Research Scientist– Product Engineering based in Bangalore

Product Engineering is one of the Science and also Technology platforms within the Beauty & Personal Care R&D organization. Its purpose is to translate pertinent science generated both internally as well as externally into real skin cleansing and care product formats, based upon expertise in material science, emulsion science, processing, surface science, as well as product interaction with biological surfaces.

This role will contribute to the development of brand-new skin cleansing as well as hygiene products with superior functionality as well as novel claims with an understanding as well as manipulation of molecular interactions as well as structures. The work will entail generating insights concerning the relationships between formulation, actives, procedure, product microstructure, as well

as performance, and also will certainly entail interacting with experts in each of these areas.


The job holder will be part of an integrated, cross-laboratory team in charge of creating and driving innovation in skin cleansing product science as well as engineering. Their primary responsibility will be in the creation, evaluation as well as possible scale-up of novel formulations in liquid formats (hand and body wash), sanitizers, hygiene liquids, etc.


This role includes the following responsibilities:

  • Work with Design as well as S&T project leaders as well as science area leaders to explore current as well as novel technologies for the development of innovative products, based on a working knowledge of the various functional materials used to formulate personal care products
  • Establish various analytical as well as microstructure characterization techniques to generate insights and also guide product development
  • Identify as well as manage projects/interactions with external partners, especially serving to build a 3P/cross laboratory network of pertinent product characterization abilities critical to the Product Engineering ability bases
  • Design as well as to conduct experiments at lab scale to identify product design rules relevant to specific projects
  • Handle the transition of the technology from the Science and also Technology platform to the Design teams
  • Proactively contribute to multiple projects, prioritizing activities to meet critical business timings
  • Understand consumer needs and translate this understanding into technical approaches for innovative skin cleansing and also care products with brand-new benefits


The successful candidate will display the ability to plan and organize his/her very own work as well as will certainly be expected to record findings in a clear and effective manner in computer-based laboratory notebooks as well as structured digital formats.

You will certainly be expected to communicate your experimental findings during informal project team meetings. You will be provided with the opportunity to interpret findings, present and also argue hypotheses to account for your observations, and also you will be encouraged to take an active role in scientific debate within the project team.

  • Grad – Biotechnology, with a basic understanding of the physical science bases underpinning personal care products.
  • 4 -8 years of product-centric industrial experience in pertinent areas such as material science, surface science and/or process engineering.
  • Strong skills as well as awareness of a broad range of analytical abilities relevant to product characterization with demonstrated experience in the application of these skills to new insights as well as measurements favoured
  • Working knowledge of surfactant/colloid science, phase behaviour, emulsion science and also physical chemistry to enable linking measurements to product design rules would certainly be a plus
  • Proven track record of creative scientific problem-solving abilities
  • Proven track record of team working through multidisciplinary interactions


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