Nanobiotechnology career
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Nanobiotechnology Career Path

Nanotechnology is a versatile field that can be viewed from different perspectives of science. Nanobiotechnology is a field where biology meets nanotechnology. Nanoparticles are present everywhere, and biological entities are no exception. Nanobiotechnology uses physicochemical nanotools to modify or build these fine nanobiomaterials for our benefit in medicine, agriculture, cosmetics, etc.

Biology, when approached technically, opens up a whole new range of possibilities in research. Bionanotechnology is another field where the intricacies of nanoparticles inspire and equip researchers with ways to improve and design nanotechnology. This is in direct contrast to nanobiotechnology.

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Thus, a career in nanobiotechnology has lucrative job opportunities that demand knowledge in biology, physics, and chemistry.

Work of a Nanbiotechnologist

An individual on a nanobiotechnology career path may work on the following topics:

  • Diagnosis

The small size of nanoparticles makes them ideal carrier materials and probes to be used for diagnostic purposes. Semiconductor nanocrystals, nanolithography technology, nanospheres, and medical imaging aid in this.

  • Designing drug delivery systems

Due to their extremely minute size, nanoparticles can maneuver through the cells’ intercellular spaces and pores. This makes them excellent agents to transport drugs to various parts of the body. This also enhances the effectiveness of the drug. It has also been discovered that nanoparticles enhance immunization in animal systems given suitable conditions. These nanoparticles may also be liposome-mediated.

  • Designing gene delivery systems

Nanosized delivery systems of genes are less immunogenic than viral vectors and can be safely used instead.

  • Nanobiosensors 

Nanoparticles incorporated into chips can be used to detect chemicals and biomolecules in biological samples.

  • Nano-TAS (Nano Total Analytical Systems)

These have functions similar to nanobiosensors and are used for environmental monitoring, gene sequencing, testing safety levels in food, diagnostics, etc.

  • Tissue engineering

Nanobiotechnology can be used to treat bone or orthopedic diseases by tissue engineering.

  • Dentistry

Nanobiotechnology can be used in dentistry for diagnosis, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, etc.

  • Nanobiotechnology in Agriculture

The use of nanoparticles in plant systems can enhance crop production, soil environments, resistance to climate change, and field diagnostics.

Educational requirements for a Nanobiotechnology Career

The best way to gain skills in a field is to get an education that will help you charter a definitive and satisfying career path. Nanobiotechnology is a field of specialization majorly applicable in research and development. So, courses specific to the field are mostly at the Masters or Ph.D. level.

Bachelor’s degree

To eventually work as a nanobiotechnologist, you need a suitable bachelor’s degree to initiate you into the field’s basics. A bachelor’s degree in Nanotechnology or Biotechnology would be a perfect match. However, you can start by exploring fields in life sciences, physics, or chemistry, since knowledge in either or all of these fields would be beneficial for further studies.

You can gain experience in the field techniques by working on nanoparticles as part of a research project, training, workshop, or online courses offered on several platforms.

Master’s degree

For a person aspiring to have a nanobiotechnology career, a master’s degree is a minimum requirement. Several colleges offer a 2-year MSc. or MTech. Course in Nanobiotechnology. Colleges generally accept students graduated in BTech Biotechnology, Food Process Engineering, Food Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, and any other bioengineering course.

BSc. Graduates in Physics, Chemistry, Allied Health Sciences, Nursing, and any Bioscience-related course such as Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environment science, etc., can apply.

Colleges offering a degree in Nanobiotechnology :


A Ph.D. can be obtained to advance in your Nanobiotechnology career path and open up frontiers in the field. A postgraduate degree in any field of biological sciences or nanotechnology qualifies you for a Nanobiotechnology. DBT offers specific research programs in the field.

Additionally to get started in Nanobiotech you can get Certified Via Biotecnika’s Nanobiotechnology Certification Course curated as per industry requirements.

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Nanobiotechnology career

Top Institutes offering research programs or Ph.D. in Nanobiotechnology

Job Roles in a Nanobiotechnology career

  • Research Associate
  • Research Assistant
  • Gene therapist
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Professor
  • Consultant nanobiotechnologist

Who hires Nanobiotechnologists?

A Nanobiotechnology career can be built in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology
  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry – Research & Packaging
  • Biodefence – Military and national security
  • Environmental monitoring, control, and remediation
  • Materials science including textiles, polymers, packaging
  • Forensics
  • Research Institutes
  • Bioprocessing companies
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical companies
  • Colleges and Universities Research Lab

Salary prospects in a Nanobiotechnology career

The average salary of a nanobiotechnologist is between ₹4-7 LPA. There are increments in the salary with experience and specialization.

Scope of a Nanobiotechnology career

Researchers and Industrialists worldwide are realizing the importance of fundamental research in providing timely solutions to global problems. Nanobiotechnology plays a huge role in this research. As a field with applications in pharmaceuticals, medicine, agriculture, and environmental science, Nanobiotechnology has a diverse and wide scope that is only bound to increase.

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