Neuroscientists research on Brain 'Teleportation'
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Neuroscientists research on Brain ‘Teleportation’ Using Laser Beams on mice

Can teleportation exist beyond Star-Trek and other sci-fi? In a way, yes. A special type of brain “teleport” has been just endeavored by scientists, effectively, using laser beams. A group of Neuroscientists from the University College London explored the “hidden workings of memory” and “inner GPS” on mice.

Hippocampus is the region responsible for memory where the scientists directed the laser beams. They desired to trigger the nerve cells known as “place cells” there. These place cells are stimulated whenever a human or animal enters a new environment. The researchers placed the mice in one region and provided them with sugar-water reward. The rats were then transferred to a different region where laser beams were utilized to trigger the place cells that stored the first region’s memory.

In this procedure, they could retrieve or reactivate the region’s memory whenever the mice got a reward, making the mice “mentally teleport” to the first region.

As per the research, the mouse began to see for sugar water (from the initial region, as they thought that is where they were present). With these outcomes, they want to comprehend how memories are stored, which

can ultimately help develop novel treatments for memory-associated diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Nick Robinson, the lead author from UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research, said that the “place cells” actually “say” the mice where it is, and mice, in fact, listen to their place cells while making a decision. This gives novel understandings about how memories are stored in the brain and novel devices for manipulating these memories to regulate behavior.

Dr. Nick Robinson said how memory linked diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia come at such an enormous cost to the community. He is confident that this research can help develop a much better perception of not just the diseases but also open methods for restorative treatment.

An author mentioned how optical analysis and writing of activity in certain nerve cells could be utilized to adjust memories and comprehend how the neural circuit activity functions in making decisions.


Neuroscientists research on Brain ‘Teleportation’ Using Laser Beams

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