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MakroCare Analyst Jobs For Biotech/ Biochem/ Life Science & Microbiology

MakroCare Analyst Jobs For Biotech/ Biochem/ Life Science & Microbiology. Biotech/Biochem/Life Science & Microbiology job openings in India. Scientific Analyst job openings for msc candidates. Check out all of the details on the same below:

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Job Id: 223235

Title: Scientific Analyst

Category: Scientific Writing

Job Status: Full Time

Job Type: Permanent

No of Openings: 08

Country: India

State: Telangana

City: Hyderabad

Years of Experience: 1-2 Years

Job description:

Main Responsibilities:

  • Design of literature searches to be implemented in electronic literature data bases
  • Conducting systematic/targeted/structured literature reviews
  • Developing as well as perform data base searches and writing protocols and reports for literature reviews
  • Identifying pertinent evidence for research questions( Literature Screening).
  • Summarizing literature review findings in a report.
  • Extracting, analyzing, and also summarizing data from a range of sources.
  • Performing quality checks to guarantee data accuracy.
  • Providing writing support for Clinical EvaluationReport documents.
  • Communicating with the internal project team to ensure smooth and timely execution of the project.

Educational Qualification with Specialization: Masters in Biotech/ microbiology/ biochemistry/lifesciences.

Contact Person  HR
Contact Email   [email protected]


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