Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine
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Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine: Manufacturing began At Serum Institute   

In India, there are 3 COVID-19 vaccine candidates being tested on human beings. Yet there is no intranasal vaccine prospect under trial presently, said Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister. He additionally stated that the Serum Institute of India (SII) was producing an intranasal vaccine candidate.

He claimed that the FluMist nasal spray is a vaccine that is sprayed right into the nose to help protect against flu. It is not a COVID-19 vaccine. Presently there is no intranasal COVID-19 vaccine that is under clinical trials in India. However, the SII has actually begun production of Codagenix CDX 005, an intranasal live attenuated COVID-19 vaccine prospect.

He further stated that the preclinical animal studies had been finished now, and Codagenix expects to start phase 1 clinical human trials in the UK by 2020 end. Additionally, the Serum Institute of India intends to undertake clinical advancements of this vaccine prospect in India.

Harsh Vardhan claimed that Bharat Biotech has also signed a contract with the Washington University School of medicine. They will carry out trials to manufacture and sell the COVID-19 intranasal vaccine.

He mentioned that the stage 1 trials would certainly happen

in the United States in St. Louis University’s vaccine and treatment evaluation unit. Bharat Biotech will carry out additional stages of clinical trials in India on getting regulative authorization.

Responding to a question – if the COVID vaccine will also be for the pediatric age, he said that Bharat Biotech’s vaccine prospect was being evaluated on people between the age of 18 to 55 years in stage 1, and for stage 2, the age group was stretched to ages between 12 and 65 years.

Likewise, Cadila Healthcare’s stage 1 clinical trial had included people between 18-55 years, and for stage 2, people of 12 years and more were included. SII is carrying out phase 2 & 3 clinical trials of their vaccine in people of 18 years and more (till 99 years).

Specialists say that it will certainly be hard to forecast which of the vaccines will certainly function at this stage.

Dr. K Srinath Reddy, founder, Public Health Foundation of India, stated that it is too early to forecast as the volunteers signed up in stage 1 and 2 trials are too small and only offer us the safety profile of a vaccine prospect. Anything concrete can be stated just after the results of stage 3 trials, that occur in a larger team of individuals and also identify the effectiveness of the prospect, are obtained. Phase 1/2 trials show assurance, while phase 3 has to do with understanding the efficiency.


Intranasal COVID-19 vaccine: Manufacturing began At Serum Institute