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IISER Pune PhD Admissions 2021 – Biology PhD Programme

IISER Pune PhD Admissions 2021 – Biology PhD Programme. Interested candidates can check out all of the details on the courses offered, eligibility criteria, application procedure, deadlines and contact information and such below:

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IISER Pune hosts a diverse group of researchers working in various areas. Research in Biology at IISER currently encompasses both theoretical and experimental approaches. Fields of research open to application in this round of PhD selections are given below, along with names of faculty members working in the respective fields:

Molecular/Cell Biology and Biochemistry: For students interested in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, cellular biophysics, developmental biology, microbiology, immunology, epigenetics, chromosome biology, and cancer biology.

  • Aurnab Ghose
  • Gayathri Pananghat
  • Girish Ratnaparkhi
  • Jayant Udgaonkar
  • Jeetender Chugh
  • Kalika Prasad  (Joining in June 2021)
  • Krishanpal Karmodiya
  • Kundan Sengupta
  • Mayurika Lahiri
  • Mridula Nambiar
  • Nagaraj Balasubramanian
  • Nishad Matange
  • Richa Rikhy
  • Saikrishnan Kayarat
  • Siddhesh Kamat
  • Sudha Rajamani
  • Sunish Radhakrishnan

Ecology and Evolution: For students interested in ecology and evolution (both theoretical and empirical).

  • Deepak Barua
  • Nishad Matange
  • Ramana Athreya
  • Sagar Pandit
  • Sutirth Dey

Neurobiology: For students interested in the experimental, theoretical and computational study of various aspects of nervous system function.

  • Aurnab Ghose
  • Collins Assisi
  • Raghav Rajan
  • Suhita Nadkarni

Plant Biology: For students interested in plant biology and plant biotechnology.

  • Anjan Banerjee
  • Kalika Prasad  (Joining in June 2021)
  • Sagar Pandit

Theoretical and Computational Biology: For students interested in any branch of theoretical biology including theoretical neuroscience, evolution, bioinformatics and computational cell biology.

  • Chaitanya Athale
  • Collins Assisi
  • Ramana Athreya
  • Suhita Nadkarni
  • Sutirth Dey

Note: only those faculty members whose names are given above will accept students through this round of PhD admissions. Therefore, before applying, students should check this list carefully to ensure that labs of their interest are available for admissions in this round.

Application criteria:

All candidates who fulfil criteria A1 and any one of the criteria mentioned in A2, are eligible to apply. Based on these applications, IISER Pune will create the list of students to be invited for the online interviews.

Eligibility Criteria:

A1. Masters’ (or B.E., B.Tech., M.Tech., MBBS) degree holders in any branch of science including physics, chemistry, mathematics, biological sciences, ecology and environmental sciences, biodiversity, psychology or equivalent. Applicants must have a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate (overall percentage and not just in majoring subject) or an equivalent CGPA in the general category or minimum 55% marks in aggregate (overall percentage and not just in majoring subject) or an equivalent CGPA in the SC/ST or PD category.
Students whose final results in Masters or equivalent are yet to be declared can also apply. However, if selected, the offer for these students will be provisional, subject to their fulfilling the above criteria.

A2. Applicants must have any one of the following qualifications.

  • Qualified a National Eligibility exam that provides a 5-year PhD fellowship such as CSIR–JRF / UGC–JRF / DBT–JRF–A / ICMR–JRF / DBT–BINC–JRF / Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship / Maulana Azad National Fellowship / National Fellowship for Scheduled Caste Students by CSIR-UGC / National Fellowship for Higher Education of ST Students / National Fellowship for OBC Candidates / National Fellowship for persons with disabilities (NFPWD). The fellowships must be valid on September 01, 2021.
  • Qualified JEST* (rank holder up to 500) or GPAT (rank holder up to 500) or NBHM in last two years.
  • INSPIRE-PhD fellowship (should be in possession of provisional selection letter at the time of Interview).
  • IISER BS-MS dual degree students with CGPA ≥ 8.0
  • Rank <= 200 in GATE exams (GATE Life Sciences, GATE Chemistry, GATE Eco-Evo, GATE Biotechnology, GATE Mathematics). The GATE score must be valid on August 01, 2021.
  • Qualified JGEBILS (IISER Pune will shortlist based on the ranks of the students).

Shortlisting and Interview Process:

Meeting the above-mentioned criteria merely makes the candidate eligible for application. IISER Pune reserves the right to use other / more stringent criteria for the purpose of shortlisting for interviews. Specifically, the scores obtained in the “Research Design” and “Design an experiment” can be used for the purpose of shortlisting for interviews. Only shortlisted candidates will be informed. Therefore, all candidates are requested to check this page regularly for updates.

Online application form  (Last date to apply: May 31, 2021; 5:00 pm (Indian Standard Time)

(Please Note: This form requires the candidate to fill four different write-ups (with very strict character limits) and a host of other information. Therefore, please see this document to get an idea of the information needed to fill this form.)

Important Dates:

Forms open: April 20 – May 31, 2021
PhD Interviews: June 28 to July 09, 2021

Queries: In case of queries, please email [email protected].

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