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Cipla Biotech & Life Science Analyst Job Recruitment – Apply Online

Cipla Biotech & Life Science Analyst Job Recruitment – Apply Online. Interested and eligible candidates who wish to work at Cipla and have the relevant qualification are encouraged to apply for the same at Cipla. Check out all of the details below:

Job Name: Cell Biology Analyst

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Job ID: 42509

Division: Integrated Product Development

Department: Cell Biology

Employment Type: Permanent

Job Purpose:

Execute, analyse as well as present/ submit data of routine Cell Biology lab activities to support the formulation/API/Ciptec/ RA activities together with preparing laboratory documents in accordance with GDPa’s to fulfil quality standards


Accountability Cluster Major Activities/ Tasks

I. Plan, execute, analyze, interpret as well as present/ submit data of routine Cell Biology laboratory activities to support the formulation/API/Ciptec/ RA activities

  • Perform screening of drugs/combination in different assays (Cytotoxicity, Cell proliferation, Permeability etc).
  • Maintain the tissue culture facility.
  • Submit data to different groups like formulation/ RA/Ciptec.
  • Present updates on data generated from the routine activities on a regular monthly basis to senior managers.

II. Develop brand-new technologies/assays to increase the capabilities of the Cell Bio laboratory.

  • Discuss and also finalize protocol of different brand-new assays.
  • Standardize and also validate the assay by checking for the consistency.
  • Provide knowledge of the new technology to higher management and also different groups.
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III. Support Logistics, Inventory maintenance (SAP, CER’s, Co-ordination/negotiating with vendors etc.) for procuring laboratory chemicals/lab consumables, installation/calibration/validation of instruments/equipment to guarantee the execution of the project.

  • Plan activities in a cost-effective manner thereby saving the budget.
  • Maintain inventory with procurement, storage of reagents, media, kits, consumables etc.
  • Maintain and culture (preserve) cell banks for different cell lines.
  • Generate IQ (installation quali)/ O (operational) Q/ P (performance) Q for newly installed instruments/equipment.
  • Perform Periodic calibration/validation/qualification of instruments/ equipment/software.
  • Manage sample receipt, registration, storage and also the destruction of samples according to respective SOP’s.

IV. Carrying out In-house Knowledge transfer creating back-ups, Technology transfer to outside parties for outsourced projects.

  • Train other lab members in standardized assays.
  • Attend Safety/ engineering/HR training.
  • Provide scientific as well as technical input to outside parties.
  • Co-ordinate with outside parties for outsourced activities (technology transfer, conducting pertinent studies, data generation etc.).

V. Prepare lab documents according to GDP’s to fulfil quality standards.

  • Prepare SOP’s/ MOA’s/ Study protocols as and also when required.
  • Prepare EOP’s/ IOP’s for all the instruments/equipment.
  • Generate change control/incidence/deviation according to lab compliance.
  • Update lab note-books in a timely manner.
  • Implementation of GLP and lab safety protocols for the smooth functioning of the department.

Education Qualification: Postgrad in Biotechnology/ Life Sciences or pertinent subjects.

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Relevant Work Experience: 1-2 years of experience in a pertinent field (biotechnology and also life sciences).

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