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Molecular Biology Jobs at Jananom – Genetic Engineering & Synthetic Biology Apply

Molecular Biology Jobs at Jananom – Genetic Engineering & Synthetic Biology Apply. PhD Molecular Biology / Genetic engineering / Synthetic biology applicants are encouraged to apply for a metabolic engineer job vacancy at Jananom. Interested applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

About us

  • We are a group of global competent synthetic biologists residing and operating out of India enjoying the diversity of this sub-continent.
  • We offer high value niche services in the areas that cover synthetic biology, bimolecular engineering, strain optimization, analytical characterization, scale up and production. We have deep technological expertise with both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems backed by a repository of tool kits, enzymes, pathway networks, molecular decorations such as glycosylation, methylation, etc.

Name of the Post: Metabolic Engineer

LocationCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.


  1. Minimum Qualification: Ph.D in Molecular Biology / Genetic engineering / Synthetic biology. 
  2. Experience:
    1. FIVE years research experience post PhD.
    2. Minimum Five publications in reputed journals or patents in metabolic engineering.

Job Profile:

  1. Hands-on in the lab. 
  2. Ability to independently handle metabolic engineering projects.
  3. Design & execute strain construction (both prokaryotes & eukaryotes), especially under frugal resources.
  4. Ability to map the entire multi-step metabolic pathway to produce natural small molecule.
  5. Familiarity with biochemistry to design / discover suitable enzymes for unknown / uncharacterized metabolic steps in the pathway.
  6. Synthesize genes and engineer the same in chosen microbial host.  Deep understanding of cofactors & other supporting requirements.
  7. Detect the expression of intermediates and final target compound, using suitable analytical methods & Assay systems
  8. Iterative engineering of genes to increase titres.
  1. Culture: Mind-set to work for a startup & grow with it.
  2. Remuneration: Commensurate with candidate’s experience & abilities relevant to the job requirements.
  3. Co-ordinates[email protected]

How to Apply:

Aspirants may reach out at : [email protected]

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