LSV Capital to Invest $70 Million
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LSV Capital to Invest $70 Million in Life Science Start-ups
and Digital Healthcare in India

For the investment in digital healthcare and life science start-ups in India, the UK-based Life Science Vision Capital said it has earmarked $70 million initially. In order to have closer interaction with start-ups in the country, the company also set up its first office in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The Managing Partner at LSV Capital, Shu Joshi said in a statement that, “We have a corpus of $70 million for an India-specific fund. Building collaborations with domestic healthcare and life science leaders, we are committed to growing our presence in the Indian market.”

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The investment has received a commitment of up to 50% for the corpus. The company’s India office will be operational by early-2021, and the company is looking to hire senior-level associates in life sciences to join the firm.

Remotely since 2019, LSV Capital has already been investing in India. The firm partnered with Social Alpha and Aster DM Healthcare to launch a global digital healthcare and medtech accelerator, Xhealth Innovation Labs, earlier this year.

Joshi said, “Generally, we see the greatest hurdles in life sciences or digital healthcare start-ups’ journey when they go on to become category leaders, as they scale from local success to global challenges.”

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He added saying that specific and deep organizational strength, GTM partnerships, proven talent, and global investors are required at both inflection points.

About Life Science Vision Capital: Life Science Vision Capital is an early-stage investment and venture studio firm operating in the digital healthcare and life science sector. The company believes that the next healthcare giant will be a technology company. Their core categories include digital healthcare & Telemedicine: Digital Health, mHealth, Telemedicine, Tele-health, EMR/EHR/EIH; Ai/ DML/ Cognitive Behaviour protocols: Medication adherence, AI in Chronic disease management, NLP; Biosensors & Bioelectronics: Point monitoring devices, cardiac pacemaker, blood glucose meter, and magnetic resonance imaging; Digital Therapeutics & Remote/Connected Care: Evidence-based therapeutic interventions driven by high-quality software programs and virtual assets; Digital Clinical Trials: Patient recruitment, retention, adherence, and stringent clinical trial execution.

LSV Capital to Invest $70 Million in Life Science Start-ups and Digital Healthcare in India.