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IRRI Biotech Assistant Scientist With Rs. 74,300 pm Pay

IRRI Biotech Assistant Scientist With Rs. 74,300 pm Pay. MSc Biotechnology candidates are encouraged to apply online for an Assistant Scientist vacancy at The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Interested and eligible candidates are encouraged to apply online as per the details given below:

This job expires in :

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Name of the Job: Assistant Scientist – Grain Quality

Job ID: HQ01145

Location: India

Job Purpose:

The Centre of Excellence for Rice Value Addition (CERVA) is a significant component of the IRRI South Asian Regional Centre (ISARC) that is established in India by IRRI, with solid support from the Government of India to enhance research as well as training capability in the south Asian as well as African regions allowing the production of rice with superior grain qualities. Under the direct supervision of the Head of CERVA, the Assistant Scientist will certainly aid in the design of experiment( s) as well as managing the implementation of research activities aligned to specific project goals of CERVA.

The role entails evaluating as well as validating experimental data as well as contributing to the manuscript for reports and also publications

as well as presentations/posters for conferences. The Assistant Scientist will likewise coordinate and also prepare training sessions for a range of people, supervise, train and guide scholars, on-the-job trainees, researchers and also research technicians. A major component of the role is to design experiments and also carry out research on grain quality using advanced analytical techniques. This consist of an analysis of milling, cooking as well as eating qualities of rice and also micronutrients as well as heavy metals and its speciated forms in the grain by Inductively Coupled Plasma– Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS).

This position will be based at the IRRI South Asia Regional Centre (ISARC) at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and also will just be filled in by existing IRRI staff that are permanent citizens of India.

Roles as well as Obligations:

  • Aid in designing experiments for improving the milling, cooking as well as eating qualities of rice as well as for micronutrient as well as heavy metal contaminant analyses, based upon the research outlines provided
  • Add to the development of research proposals consisting of reviewing relevant literature
  • Verify suggested methodologies and also establish parameters for improvisation when required
  • Help in the identification of support staff and also assign tasks/responsibilities
  • Ensure availability of services and supplies for uninterrupted flow of experiments
  • Manage the implementation of research projects related to rice grain quality and also micronutrients and heavy metals Provide assistance as well as guidelines/information to scholars as well as collaborators taking into consideration the implementation of the experiment( s) including the logistics
  • Guarantee smooth conduct of experiment( s) by troubleshooting as well as fostering a productive teamwork environment
  • Develop standard operating procedures (SOP) for the lab.
  • Prepare posters and also papers for presentation at conferences
  • Coordinate Risk Management, Quality Assurance, and Safety Activities
  • Maintain inventory of chemicals
  • Exchange conceptual ideas with collaborating partners (national/international) as well as seek feedback
  • Coordinate with collaborating partners on their research requirements
  • Interact with Grain Quality as well as the Nutrition Centre at the IRRI Headquarters on complementary research projects on understanding the genetic basis of grain quality attributes
  • Responsible for the professional development of Research Technicians
  • Act as a resource person for training courses and also visitors
  • Supervise or aid students and trainees
  • Consolidate, evaluate and also analyse research data related to rice grain quality
  • Sum up as well as validate data utilizing appropriate advanced statistical tools independently
  • Help in the interpretation of results in relation to biochemical mechanisms and also grain quality
  • Aid in drafting conclusions to allow necessary actions or decisions
  • Ensure maintenance of accurate data recording and upgrade database for efficient storage and also retrieval of information
  • Add to the preparation of reports, publications, and presentations
  • Summarize research findings as well as draft manuscripts for publication in refereed journals
  • Send project reports
  • Draft training material on methodologies and also protocols, based on validated in house protocols and also readily available published information (i.e. protocols, methodology).
  • Prepare necessary supply; identify resource persons; ensure that the logistics are appropriate for a defined purpose.

Salary: 35700 – 74300 INR per month


Master of Science degree in Biotechnology or related field with at least 1-year pertinent work experience in biological or biochemical research.

Skills Required:


  • Proven technological proficiency in conducting research experiments.
  • Strong oral as well as written communication abilities.
  • Solid analytical skills.
  • Some Experience with Quality assurance.
  • Some experience with Research management.
  • Excellent presentation abilities.
  • Analytical abilities in biochemistry, Mass spectrometry, HPLC, GC and/or ICP-MS.


  • Some experience supervising or overseeing the work of lab staff.
  • Ability to coordinate Risk Management Quality Assurance in the lab.


  • House-Rent Allowance: IRRI provides a house rent allowance of 40% of base pay each month.
  • Transport Allowance: A monthly transport allowance is provided to NRS as below: NRS L5: INR 4,000.
  • Dearness Allowance: One Hundred and also Thirteen per cent (113%) of employee’s base pay.
  • Leave Travel Allowance (LTA): One-month base pay per annum, on availing minimum 2 days of vacation leave.
  • Education Allowance: INR 1000/- per child each month (limited 2 children).

IRRI offers a highly extensive employee benefits package inclusive of globally-covered medical insurance, retirement plan, life and accident insurance and other allowances. Join our team and be part of our story!

Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Closing Date: 18-Sep-2020


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