Covid-19 Reinfection In Bengaluru
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Covid-19 Reinfection In Bengaluru – First Case of Reinfection In Karnataka

Following concerns raised by experts in a high-level meeting with the Medical Education Minister, the Karnataka government ordered a clinical study on reinfection cases on Monday, after a case of reinfection was reported in the state capital. A 27-year-old woman in Bengaluru tested positive for coronavirus for the second time, a month after making a full recovery.

Officials have been directed to conduct a clinical study and submit a report by the end of this week, said Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar, after a meeting held at Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. He also mentioned that in the past few months, cases of reinfection have been reported in several other countries. He said, “Precautions must be taken and the recovered patients should be careful and not assume that there is no possibility of a relapse.”

Additionally, the officials were asked by the Minister to look into reinfection cases reported in other states and they found that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had said on Monday that between August 18 and September 6, four cases of Covid-19 reinfection were reported, and the reinfection was recorded nearly four months after they tested positive for

the first time. Simultaneously, the also asked the officials to review the precautions taken by the patients and the measures taken in the State to treat Covid patients who have recovered.

Meanwhile, at Fortis Hospital, where the first Covid-19 relapse case was reported in Bengaluru, the team of experts at the Department of Infectious Diseases clarified that there were no comorbidities in the patient. In the first week of July, the patient had developed mild symptoms of fever and cough and tested positive for COVID-19 and was then admitted to the hospital. The patient recovered well and was discharged on 24 July after the report from a repeat test was conducted on her tested negative.

Consultant, Infectious Diseases, Dr. Pratik Patil said, “However, she developed mild symptoms again nearly after a month and has tested positive again, in the last week of August. This is the first reported case of COVID-19 reinfection in Bengaluru.”

He added explaining that usually, the Covid Immunoglobulin G antibody is tested positive after 2-3 weeks of infection, in case of infection. But in the case of this patient, she did not develop immunity after infection as the antibody has been tested negative. There could also be another possibility that the IgG antibodies disappeared in nearly one month leaving her susceptible to reinfection.

Dr. Patil added, “In the case of reinfections, the virus is allowed to enter the body and cause the disease again as the antibodies may not be produced by every individual, or if they do develop, they may not last long enough.”

Covid-19 Reinfection In Bengaluru