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CSIR Online Test Series – AIMNET 2020 Life Science test Series

 AIMNET Test Series – CSIR NET Life Science Online Test series – Registrations Open

Though the CSIR NET 2020 exam dates are not yet confirmed, it is very much important to scale up your revision. The CSIR NET Final exam dates can be released anytime, so you better be prepared & geared up. Now is the right time for you to be acquainted with the online test pattern and have a practice of how to manage time while attempting the online tests.

Since the CSIR NET June Exam has been postponed, Biotecnika is relaunching AIMNET Test Series for CSIR NET – Life Science 2020 Exam. It is a completely online-based test series which you can attempt anytime & anywhere. It is designed to give you a real-time feel of the CSIR NET Online exam with CSIR NET like exam pattern along with negative marking and timer. AIMNET test series have been acclaimed by a lot of CSIR NET aspirants over the past 10 years.



Features of the AIMNET Test Series:

  • 13 Unit wise test series + 3 Full syllabus test series.
  • The test is designed as per CSIR NET online exam pattern
  • Negative Marking enabled – every correct answer fetched you +4 while every wrong answer will cost you a loss of 1 mark.
  • All Tests are time-based to help you in time management during the exam.
  • Get Answer key + Explanation for questions at the end of the test with the percentage score.

CSIR Online Test Series – It’s an ultimate prep kit to analyze your preparation level for the upcoming CSIR NET exam. As per our students more than 70% of our questions matched to that of CSIR. It is unique & different as it not only tests your knowledge but also helps you evaluate your performance in real-time against other aspirant’s rank who take the test from all across the country.

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AIMNET Test Series Types Available:

You Can Enrol for the Below CSIR Online Test Series Life Science Available:

  • AIMNET Online Test Series 
  • Video NET Test Series (Power of AIMNET Now clubbed with Video Solutions) – In the VideoNet version of the AIMNET Test Series, we have video tutorials on how to solve each & every question – where you can see the explanation of answers being explained by our CSIR NET Experts. It’s much more efficient and gives you real-time insight into where you went wrong.

AIMNET Schedule

S.No. Syllabus
AIMNET 0 Full Syllabus test
AIMNET 1 Unit- 1
AIMNET 2 Unit- 2
AIMNET 3 Unit- 3
AIMNET 4 Unit- 4
AIMNET 5 Unit- 5
AIMNET 6 Unit- 6
AIMNET 7 Unit- 7
AIMNET 8 Unit- 8
AIMNET 9 Unit- 9
AIMNET 10 Unit- 10
AIMNET 11 Unit- 11
AIMNET 12 Unit- 12
AIMNET 13 Unit- 13
AIMNET 14 Full Syllabus test
AIMNET 15 Full Syllabus test

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