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DST India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP) 2020

DST India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP) 2020. IJCSP Life Science Call For Proposals 2020. India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP) 2020. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details on the same below:

This Call Expires In :

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The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) conduct the India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme (IJCSP) to promote bilateral scientific collaboration between Indian and Japanese scientists. Applications are invited from eligible Indian researchers /scientists to submit proposals for Joint Research Projects and Joint Workshops/Seminars under IJCSP.

I. Areas of cooperation: The support is available to the following scientific areas:

(a) Physical Sciences
(b) Chemical Sciences
(c) Life Science & Agriculture
(d) Mathematics & Computational Science
(e) Astronomy & Earth Science
(f) Materials & Engineering
(g) COVID-19 related (preventive technologies, Artificial Intelligence applications,
Screening and diagnostic testing)

II. Who can apply:

The joint

application must include one Indian and one Japanese Principal Investigators, who would be responsible for technical as well as administrative co-ordination of the project and its periodic scientific and financial reporting to the DST/ JSPS respectively.

The Principal Investigator (PI) and other investigators in India should be scientists/ faculty members working in regular capacity in UGC recognized Universities/ Deemed Universities/ Academic Institutes and National Research & Development Laboratories/ Institutes. It is preferred that a member of the project team may be designated as Co-PI.

The Japanese PIs must be full-time researchers employed at universities or other research institutions recognized by JSPS. Further details in respect of Japanese participants JSPS website (www.jsps.gov.jp) may be referred to.

Please note that on the Indian side applicant already implementing two projects funded by the International Division of DST is not eligible to submit the project against this call.

III. The Duration of Project:

The duration of the projects would be up to two years. (Visits to be completed before
March 2023).

IV. Kind of support available:

  • The sending side would provide the international travel cost and receiving side will provide local hospitality including accommodation charges, per-diem and local travel.DST provides the following support under the Programme:
  • For Indian Researchers – Cost of International airfare to and from the designated research location, visa fee, airport taxes, overseas medical insurance premium for the approved visit duration and airport transfers in India.
  • For joint workshops/seminars to be organized in India, the local travel cost of selected Indian participants and organizing expenses may also be considered for support as per DST norms.
  • For Japanese Researchers – Cost of accommodation in a guest house, per diem and domestic travel expenses in India including airport transfers as per DST norms.

V. Guidelines for Proposal Submission

  1. Proposals
  • Duly filled relevant application forms distributed by the Department of Science and
    Technology (also available on the websites www.dst.gov.in in India and www.jsps.gov.jp in Japan) which are approved by the heads of the institutions of the coordinators.
  • Curricula vitae of both research teams.
  • Letter of intent exchanged between the coordinators of the project.

2. Submission

  • The deadline for the submission of proposals is 2nd September 2020.
  • The Indian researchers can download the proposal formats from websites
    www.dst.gov.in/www.onlinedst.gov.in and should submit the completed application form and all relevant information. Proposals must be submitted to DST through the e-application system provided at www.onlinedst.gov.in. It should be ensured that application with an identical title has been submitted by his / her Japanese counterpart to JSPS by the due date.
  • Please remember to upload 6 documents before “SUBMIT” the final proposal. So make it ready (in the formats given below) before submitting.

i. Biodata of the PI (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
ii. Conflict of Interest (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
iii. Certificate from PI (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
iv. Endorsement from Head of the Institute (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
v. Complete proposal (in pdf with max size 5mb)
vi. Complete proposal (in doc with max size 5mb)

Proposal submitted only on one side will not be considered.

  • Japanese Principal Investigators need to submit proposals with a matching joint research project/seminars plan to JSPS simultaneously. Japanese Researchers are requested to contact JSPS for their application submission period, documents to be submitted etc.
  • Soft copies of the proposal should be sent to [email protected].

VI. Evaluation of Proposals

  • Proposals will be evaluated independently by the Department of Science and Technology in India and JSPS in Japan using their own procedures. The decision towards funding will be mutually agreed based on the gradings (on 1 to 10 scale) received on the two sides. Coordinators are likely to be informed in March/April 2021 about evaluation results. The jointly approved projects are likely to be started in April 2021.
  • Please note that only jointly submitted proposals to DST and JSPS will be considered.
  • For further information please contact DST officials and JSPS at the coordinates given above.

For application format, please see
International Cooperation (Bilateral) at


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