Device that can kill coronavirus
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Device That Can Kill Coronavirus Developed By A Bengaluru-based Firm

For manufacturing a device that can kill coronavirus after testing for safety, the research wing of Organisation De Scalene, Bengaluru-based Centre for Advanced Research and Development, has got the USFDA, EU nod to begin the manufacture.

The Bengaluru-based Centre Advanced Research and Development (CARD) has come up with a device that claims to neutralize the coronavirus causing the Covid-19 pandemic. As the device is CE marked and CE compliant, the device named Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon or SHYCOCAN will be marketed and manufactured in the United States under the Enforcement Discretion policy of USFDA and in Europe.

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman of Organisation De Scalene said that though the device will not kill any fungi or bacteria, the device will cover a volume of 10,000 cubic feet and the coronavirus particles can be neutralized by the device.

SHYCOCAN is developed to be used in a commercial, industrial, and residential environment and is particularly designed for active containment by attenuation of the viruses belonging to the Corona family. No harmful ozone gas or any other substances are produced by the device and it does not use any chemicals or other

consumables. According to Dr. Kumar, the usage of the device in any environment is completely safe.

Dr. Kumar explained how it works and said, “SHYCOCAN is a plug and play device and operates on regular 110/240V – 50/60 Hz wall socket. The device works to prevent air and surface borne transmission and reduce the infectivity of the corona family of viruses. To a photon mediated electrons emitters (PMEE), the necessary signals are delivered by the device, and it produces hypercharge high-velocity electrons by photon mediation that interacts with the negative seeking S-protein of viruses belonging to the Corona family.”

He added, “The attack mechanism of the virus is initiated by interactions between the S-protein and its receptor on the “negative” cell membrane, it starts with the initial attachment of the virion to the host cell. Depending on the virus, within the S1 region of a coronavirus S-protein, the sites of receptor binding domains (RBD) vary. For a coronavirus to infect a host species, the primary determinant is the S-protein/receptor interaction and the tissue tropism of the virus is governed by it. The viral genome’s fusion and release into the cytoplasm is the end result.”

If negative seeking is the guidance mechanism of the S- Protein, attracted by the transmembrane potential of the host cells, the coronavirus infectivity and spread can be blocked by breaking this mechanism and this is the counter mechanism by the device SHYCOCAN.

At the S-CARD campus, the device has been in use for over a year.