China's First COVID-19 Vaccine Patent
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China’s First COVID-19 Vaccine Patent Granted To CanSino Biologics

According to the Chinese Intellectual Property Administration, China’s vaccine maker CanSino Biologics Inc won the patent approval for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate Ad5-nCoV, on Monday.

According to state-owned newspaper People’s Daily, it is the first COVID-19 vaccine patent granted by China. As per the patent document, the patent was approved on August 11 after being submitted for application on March 18.

The Phase-2 clinical trial of the adenovirus vector vaccine or Ad5-nCoV was shown to induce an immune response and was safe, according to the information on the medical journal Lancet, last month. Conducted overseas, more participants will be included in the Phase-three trial of the CanSino vaccine. In order to launch Phase-3 clinical trials in those countries, the company said it is in talks with Russia, Brazil, and Chile.

The vaccine’s appropriate dosage to trigger a strong immune response, the longevity of the protection, and whether there are host-specific differences will be checked in the Phase-three trial.

There are various vaccines for COVID-19 in development around the world. The development of the world’s first vaccine against novel coronavirus was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin last week. With 38 volunteers

, the vaccine Sputnik-V’s clinical trials showed that all of the participants developed immunity and it was started on June 18.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed that there are three vaccine candidates are in different stages of human clinical trials in India. Two of the vaccines, developed by Bharat Biotech, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR), and Zydus Cadila Ltd, have their Phase-I and Phase II clinical trials ongoing. The Serum Institute of India has partnered with AstraZeneca for manufacturing the third vaccine candidate developed by Oxford University, which has been permitted for conducting Phase II and III human clinical trials.

Additionally, US firms Moderna and Pfizer have also begun their late-stage trial for their COVID-19 vaccine candidate.