Certificates or Knowledge

Certificates Or Knowledge – What’s Important?

Everyone among us remains anxious about gathering certificates with a desire to attain a sparkling career and often we decide to go any extent to obtain them. We spend money, devote years going through several sleepless nights to clear the exams which may earn us certificates. 

But have you ever wondered how much weightage we should assign to a pile of certificates against conquering knowledge literally?

“Certificate accolades knowledge while knowledge promises certificate.”

Certificates are formal proof!

Certificates represent the documents, degrees, appreciations, or other credentials that we get from the school, colleges, universities, or other organizations after the completion of any course. They are treated as evidence that one has acquired a certain kind of expertise or information via that course or curriculum.

Knowledge is the ability to grapple the forces at play!

Knowledge implies the fact of gaining information about anything, thorough understanding, and familiarity with a subject, standard procedures, processes, strategies, methods, practices, or techniques which can be seized through academic institutions or organizations, books, expertise people, or any other genuine source. Knowledge comprises both the acquired hard skills as well as soft skills.  

Are certificates enough to extend out?


stand out from others in a highly competitive job market you cannot completely rely on the certificates. Does that mean that a degree or a certificate is worthless? Not exactly, it really depends on you, your art of amalgamating these degrees with the applicable knowledge, can boost your graph of success in career. How much you are efficient in implementing or exhibiting the knowledge you acquire through the certification courses will frame the circumference of your career.

Let us figure out worthwhile reasons proving the necessity of earning the certificates by an individual.

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Reasons why are certificates important:

-It is a signature of excellence!

Whatever profession one chooses, a certificate from the relevant academic institution or organization works as proof that the gainer has been able to achieve the standards of education and training which are the constraints of stepping into a specific job profile.

-Works as parameters to measure one’s knowledge! 

The skill to perform to an adequate level of proficiency is not determined and can only be assumed. Certification tests or exams work as a standard to examine and evaluate a candidate’s understanding of the subject. From the examiners or interviewer perspective, the reliability and validity of knowledge testing through written exams are easier to maintain.

-Help you gain confidence!

When you know you have burnt the midnight oil to achieve those valuable certificates from renowned institutes with worth scores, this fervent feeling elevates your level of confidence which can be seen spilling from your performance during interviews.

-Stay connected in the networking!

While earning certificates you remain in touch with other people having similar goals, nearly the same set of knowledge and common aspirations and aims that might benefit you with finding opportunities, being part of the identical networking loops in the shape of classes, web, or meetings. Besides that, you get a chance to link up with expertise with remarkable command over the subject.

-Certificates help you get recruited!

A certificate may emerge as a differentiator in the state of competition which you might confront during an interview, if you possess a relevant certificate, diploma, or any credential while the other competitors don’t then certainly you are at par and you will relish the advantage of being selected.

-Certificates propel you to stay updated!

In a thrust to earn the certificates, you seek current technologies and training courses that boost your competence and aids in staying streamlined and rationalized in your field.

-Certificate earning can make you overcome your shortcomings!

While struggling for certificates, you get improvised with frailties, accomplish more precision, and hire hard as well as soft skills which require a lot of patience, practice, and perspiration. When you have targeted your goals, working with a strategic plan, you become able to master a new body of knowledge, then you get all set to put them to use for succeeding.

How can knowledge be defined?

If we look at the definition of knowledge given by “Cambridge International Dictionary of English” knowledge is “understanding of or information about a subject which has been obtained by experience or study, which is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally”.  

Another definition provided by “Microsoft Encarta Dictionaries” includes the knowledge to be a general awareness of facts, truths, ideas, or principles learned gradually with time.

The simplified meaning of knowledge that could be extracted from these definitions is that knowledge is that gadget that makes you familiar with or allows you to master the specifics, facts, ideas, adequate skills, abilities, or even preciseness either through study or experience.

Hence, though knowledge can be defined in various ways, it eventually works as an element that can complement an individual’s personality and thus the entire life framework. 

-Certificates are like half-cooked food without knowledge!

Do you like partially cooked food that does not have any aroma, essence, taste, or color? Certainly not, no one does indeed. Comparatively, certificates may bring you the rewarding opportunities, but it is the knowledge that augments the essence of sagacity to those hard-earned lucky chances in life.

Imagine a situation where a doctor enters the operation room well equipped with all the applicable certificates but owning the least knowledge or experience about the surgery. The results could be frightening enough to be imagined.

Even if we consider a simple example where a person has been assigned a crucial job profile of an accountant based on his degrees in commerce, his dearth of knowledge in accounts can bring pernicious consequences to many.

-Knowledge and experience are two peas in a pod!

The two attributes ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ are inextricable. Well-structured knowledge allocates us to comprehend the complexities associated with any task and to control behavior against them. If experience embraces the knowledge, then the combination can do wonders to achieve optimally balanced schemas.

 -Knowledge speeds up the career graph to heights!

Once you begin to ascend the career ladder which you might have obtained based on your certificates, you soon begin to realize that your existing skill sets are not sufficient to meet the increasing challenges of the job profile.

For instance, getting into the research turns demanding and challenging with years and levels of work where you must grasp extra acquaintance either through study or training, assistance from the seniors, or from your own experiences. The next levels call for more going beyond fundamental skills.

Few words from one successful and established woman from India, Shanta Vallury, Head, Human resource department, RBL bank presents this approach in a persuasive way

“Test your ability by shifting to other verticals. This is possible once you stop treating your career as a job and treat it as a learning opportunity to explore more areas of knowledge-making your career graph to show ascending trends.

Unlock the room of the knowledge – With Certificate As A Byproduct!

Let us focus on the acquisition of both knowledge and certificate together. Consider a locked cabinet full of all opportunities you are seeking. The key for this locked cabinet is analogous to your knowledge & skills which you can posses, hence to open the cabinet you definitely need the key & once you have opened the door of the cabinet, the key still stays with you to unlock future opportunities. Now you are all free to cherish the valuable opportunities filled inside the cabinet.

A certificate is a mere proof that you can open the cabinet of opportunities but Knowledge is the Real Key to unlock it.

Certificates for being a teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer or to progress in any other area of study are necessary but without the competency or adequate knowledge in these fields, the certificate stands useless now & in future too, unless you acquire the right knowledge which is proportional to the Certification. Thus Knowledge & Certification go hand in hand.

A fruitful venture of certification and knowledge is the key to have a genuine education system facilitating the lucrative development of an individual as well as the whole society.

Knowledge, Experience, and Certificates are like the Tri-pod of a Professional Career!

Author: Dr. Nidhi Hukku, Biotecnika Expert

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  1. Yes, knowledge is important, but a certificate is also important, because a certificate is a proof of your knowledge ….. someone is asking you questions as per your knowledge but how will he know what knowledge you have gained? .. The certificate is a proof of that knowledge. According to me certificate is as important as knowledge.

  2. Know doubt knowledge is important then just taking certification but with time changing no one has the time to judge anyone on the basis of his/her knowledge that’s why know day’s people prefer certification over knowledge because the basis of recruitment processes is screening certification not knowledge.

  3. I agree No doubt knowledge is more important than certificate.Certificate for knowledge is earned. On contrary certificate and jobs are sold because job expects certificate than knowledge. Deserving find hard to get job

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