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TC BioPharm to trial T cells as a potential therapy for COVID-19

TC BioPharm – a biotechnology company from Scotland stated that it would start clinical trials on a possible T cell treatment against COVID-19, focused on lowering the demand for intensive treatment among patients who are hospitalized.

T cells are white blood cells that form a crucial part of the body’s immune system, in addition to antibodies. Scientists are confident they can contribute to the COVID -19 treatment.

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The firm said that using gamma-delta T cells in a strategy it has previously used to treat cancer patients it would conduct the clinical trial at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for COVID-19.

Nik Hirani, the University of Edinburgh, the chief investigator for the trial said, using the body’s immune system to effectively and safely kill virus-infected cells is an incredibly appealing approach.

According to the data, the severely affected COVID-19 patients may have a deficiency of T cells, said the organizers of the clinical trial.

T cell banks will be developed by the company TC BioPharm. Healthy volunteers can donate T cells, as COVID-19 patients develop severe symptoms of the disease, these T cells can be used to treat them.

A declaration that the devolved administration would sustain TC Biopharm and others in the effort to develop COVID-19 therapies, said Ivan McKee, Trade Minister of Scottish Government.

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Its a global demand to discover safe and effective therapies for COVID-19, which has caused the death of thousands and thousands of people and significantly hit most major economies in six months since it was initially emerged from China.

In a UK based trial, dexamethasone – steroid drug has shown to decrease mortality in patients who require ventilation or oxygen, however, not in those who are not yet ill severely, while Gilead’s antiviral remdesivir is believed to be much more efficient in treating with individuals earlier in the course of the disease.


TC BioPharm to trial T cells as a potential therapy for COVID-19

Author: Sruthi S