Russia Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Launch

According to a report, Russia is in plans of approving a coronavirus vaccine for public use as soon as August 10 to August 12. According to reports, the drug regulators might approve the drug being developed at the Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute and Russian Direct Investment Fund, within three to seven days of registration for widespread use. The drug would be the world’s first coronavirus vaccine if the drug is approved.

However, Russia is yet to release adequate scientific data on its coronavirus vaccine trials, leading to apprehensions over the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

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In addition, at the Russian state virology institute, the human trials have begun for the second coronavirus vaccine candidate. On July 27, a dose of the vaccine candidate was already injected into the first of five volunteers, according to a report by the RIA news agency.

Citing the Russian government as saying, global news agency Sputnik reported, “Without any attempt to reduce the duration of the research, in order to prevent further risks, the Russian Defence Ministry tests the vaccine on volunteers in full compliance with the acting legislation and scientific methodological regulations.”

Meanwhile, Oxford University Scientists say the hundreds of people who got the shots of their experimental coronavirus vaccine has shown a protective immune response in an early trial. American researchers had announced previously that the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the National Institutes of Health and Moderna boosted the immune system of people just as they expected, and the vaccine will now enter the final trials. The vaccine succeeded in producing key molecules for blocking the infection at levels comparable to COVID-19 recovered people.

Currently, about two dozen COVID-19 vaccines are in various phases of the clinical trial, and a few of them have already entered the last phase of the testing, including the UK COVID-19 vaccine.

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Update