Multi Analyte Diagnostic Device
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Hand-held multi-analyte diagnostic device for COVID-19 monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 has led to unprecedented disruption in
the global economy. Many young entrepreneurs and innovators are trying to help overcome the situation by coming up with innovations that can potentially assist in overcoming the situation.

One such start-up focused on dealing with the COVID-9 pandemic is PathShodh Healthcare Pvt Ltd. The firm has come up with an innovation called “Anupath” which is a point of care hand-held multi-analyte diagnostic device for COVID-19 monitoring. This device can be a lifesaver in terms of monitoring COVID-19 patients especially in hospitals and that too in intensive care units.

The device – “Anupath”  is a portable, handheld diagnostic device that can measure multiple analytes in humans with an electrochemical test strip with a single drop of blood or urine. The device is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and can store a large set of data of approximately 50,000 records. The results are produced promptly and are accurate to the highest standards. The device uses an electromechanical biosensing platform and is unaffected by environmental variations. The device is very easy to use and requires no prior preparation.

Multi Analyte Diagnostic Device
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The eight different tests measured by the device – “Anupath” are:

● HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin)
● Glycated Albumin
● Blood Glucose
● Hemoglobin
● Serum Albumin
● Microalbuminuria
● Urine Creatinine
● Urine ACR

Features of the “Anupath” are:

  1. On the spot testing
  2. Separate disposable strip for each test
  3. Tiny sample drop
  4. No sample/reagent preparation required
  5. No special storage requirement for test strips
  6. Bluetooth Connectivity

The device costs Rs. 50,000 and has already sold more than 45 units. This device is Made in India and will certainly be useful in both national and international markets. This device can be a boon since it can provide an instantaneous diagnosis.


Author: Sruthi S