Life Science Research Associate
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Life Science Research Associate R&D Job at Novozymes – Apply Online

Life Science Research Associate R&D Job at Novozymes – Apply Online. Candidates with an msc life sciences can apply. Bengaluru job vacancy for msc life sciences candidates. Novozymes Careers, r&d post that is available at Novozymes. Check details below:

Job Title: Research Associate, Screening & Protein Chemistry R&D, Bangalore, India

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Ref ID: 7320BR

Location: Bangalore

Country: India

Job Area: Research and Development

Research Associate, Bangalore, INDIA:

We are looking for innovative and highly skilled Research Associates with experience in Assay Development as well as High throughput screening for Novozymes India R&D for supporting the development of next-generation enzymes for various industrial applications. This position is based in Novozymes’ state-of-the-art laboratory in Bangalore, with strong cross-functional collaboration with other Novozymes global sites. The position requires to find solutions to complex biological problems to deliver better products to our customers a lot more efficiently and effectively. This will require strong technical skills at the bench, problem-solving capabilities, sound knowledge of the field, and excellent collaborative abilities.

Tasks as well as responsibilities:

  • Secures great teamwork within and also across departments
  • Curious, proactive as well as eager to learn and try new ideas
  • Builds in-depth knowledge about assay development as well as continuously demonstrates initiative and leadership in improving quality and also the efficiency of work/lab environment.
  • Independently prepares experimental plans within the scope of defined/new projects
  • Lead own project of limited scope or provide a key contribution to optimization projects of larger scope.
  • Shows the ability to analyze data and form conclusions providing technological insight.
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Qualifications as well as Experience:

  • M.Sc with 5-7 years of experience in any type of branch of life sciences. PhD’s do not apply
  • Experience in assay development with strong enzyme kinetics is a need to
  • Hands-on experience with Liquid handlers and High throughput screening would certainly be a plus.


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