DBT-IBSD's Possible Therapy For HIV
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DBT-IBSD’s Possible Therapy For HIV
From Fermented Soybean

Using fermented soybean, a possible therapy for HIV has been found in a new DBT-IBSD study.

Given the emergence of several new viral infections, anti-viral RNA therapy is in great demand nowadays. Antiviral activity is yet to be explored in small non-coding regulatory RNAs (dsRNA) from microbial sources.

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The anti-HIV activity of small dsRNAs produced by 12 different microbial species isolated from naturally fermented foods of NorthEast India was assessed by the researchers at the Department of Biotechnology’s Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (DBT-IBSD) in a new study. From microbial cultures, the dsRNAs were selectively extracted and by immunoblotting and deep sequencing of the cDNA library, their double-stranded nature was confirmed. Additionally, within the 3′-UTR region of HIV-1, the potential targets of the dsRNA sequences were predicted using conventional algorithms.

A much higher base complementarity values than previously reported miRNAs analyzed against HIV-1 was shown in a gram-positive bacterium originating from a fermented soybean product, as a small dsRNA fragment produced abundantly (9.17% of the total dsRNA fraction) by Bacillus subtilis MTCC5480.

The EC50 value ranges from 0.2–0.3 μM and the anti-HIV activity against human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) infected with the JRCSF strain of the HIV-1 virus was validated by scientists separating the dsRNA fraction. For using it as an antiviral therapeutic agent, this small dsRNA could be studied further.

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In the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, the article has been published recently.

The Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD) has state of art biotechnology research facilities at Imphal. The institute conducts research in various fields including medicinal plants, microbial resources, animal resources, bioresources database and bioinformatics, and more.

DBT-IBSD’s Possible Therapy For HIV, Using fermented soybean, a possible therapy for HIV has been found in a new DBT-IBSD study.