Career Options After MSc Zoology
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Career Options After MSc Zoology, Job Prospects, Scope in India

Is the state of dilemma mystifying you over choosing MSc in zoology or deciding on career options after completion of masters in Zoology, this piece of writing may help you with eradicating the clouds of ambiguity and unclogging up the vision ahead in direction of career progression. 

Let us dig over the intent of Zoology foremost!

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‘Zoology’ the word is originated from the Greek language where “zoion” stands for animals and “logia” exemplifies for study, making zoology the science of animals. This branch of science deals not only with the morphological structures of animals but also with their behavioral aspects. Commencing from evolution, the classification, ecological distribution, embryology, physiology, habits or behavior, and all other vital phenomena associated with the life events of living or even extinct animals are explored under the canopy of zoology.  

A great philosopher and animal lover said, “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

So if you are the one who has been fascinated by the life of animals and would like to splurge your time in discovering more about these valuable assets of nature, you can certainly consider a career in the field of zoology. One who accomplishes his whole education in the field of zoology is known as Zoologist and a zoologist has many ways to make headway.

Branches of “Zoology” sculptured tree!

Zoology involving the study of multiple characteristics related to animals can be expediently divided into subfields. 

Type of the Animals studied can decide the subfield in zoology!

Fortunately, nature has blessed the earth with an enormous variety of animals offering multiple opportunities to humans to explore them. Based on which type of animals are being probed, diverse fields of zoology exist like ichthyology concerned with the study of fishes, ornithology for the study of birds, herpetology for amphibians and reptiles, mammalogy for mammals, entomology for insects which can be further dissected into subfields depending on the particular type of the insects being studied.

Career Options After MSc Zoology

Blend of ‘geography’ and ‘zoology’ fabricates Zoography!

“Habitat” which defines the home for the animals is the most essential element about the existence and survival of the animals on the earth. Through extensively observing the geographical ranges of the specific animal population and their spatial distribution, a Zoologist retains the responsibility to interpret, recognize and even contribute to maintaining the natural habitats of the animals to perpetuate and support the existence of natural ecosystems. 

Knowing about the basic physiological mechanisms in animals!

Being a Zoologist while interpreting animal physiology, you will come across details about the critical systems working in animals’ bodies enabling them to grow, reproduce, eat, walk, sleep, communicate or regulate the body temperatures.

Learning about the animal’s behavior could be exclusive!

Behavioral ecology and ethology are the sister fields that emerge with the objective of finding constraints of ecological pressure over the evolution of animal behavior where natural selection selectively opts for the most adapted species of animals.

Consequently, students who are into zoology are presented with a plethora of career options with specializations depending on the field they choose.

Pursuing Masters in Zoology!

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MSc in Zoology like any other post-graduate program is a two-year academic degree which focuses on the various aspects of animal sciences manifested in the form of subjects like comparative animal physiology, parasitology, ecology with ecological theories and applications, genetics, advanced animal tissue culture, taxonomy, biodiversity, evolution, embryonic development as well as basic cell and molecular biology. The candidates who have graduated with a BSc degree can pursue this master’s course expecting to secure a rewarding career ahead.

Career options after MSc Zoology!

As a zoologist, your comprehensive knowledge of animal sciences, competence to perform the corresponding lab techniques as well as the propensity for fieldwork renders limitless avenues in the academics, government bodies and agricultural, environmental, or pharmaceutical industries.

After the course completion, a job aspirant can choose any field of zoology right from zoological research to wildlife educator or officer.

The demand for MSc zoology would never subside in India or worldwide because the boundaries of career options in zoology offered are extensive as mentioned below:

Career Options After MSc Zoology

1. Academic researcher

If you have desires to extend your contribution to the research field, then being an academic researcher could fulfill your dreams. Within this role, you will be expected to utilize your academic knowledge and research expertise, to gain recognition by publishing your valuable findings in the renowned journals or writing up books in your area of specialization within zoology. Working as an academic researcher you may pursue your doctorate taking it further at the post-doctoral level. The openings for research fellows are offered by many renowned universities and government-aided organizations. Some of the best multi-disciplinary research Centres like BARC and ISRO offer training programs with decent stipends for encouraging the career progression in the research.

The following link can help to have an insight into the training schemes like the Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science Postgraduates (OCES) offered by BARC.

Emoluments: As a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher, you could make yourself eligible to receive a tax-free stipend in the form of a scholarship after clearing national scholarship programs or under some government research grant schemes. Many research organizations also receive funding often sourced from industrial partners concerned with research outcomes in relevance to their products

2. Academic teacher

If you are passionate about teaching, then adopting a career in academics in the universities, colleges or even schools could provide you with the platform to land up. In India, most of the recognized Universities consider the minimum requirement of clearing the National eligibility test (NET) for the Lectureship, however, to be an Assistant professor, Associate professor, or Professor you must have a Ph.D. degree in zoology or related fields. You could be likely to get involved in teaching and supervision while pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral programs in universities where the staff employed by the research institutes will be expected to supervise PhDs, postgraduates, or undergraduates as part of their role.

Emoluments: Salaries to lectures or professors are offered as per UGC norms.

3. Ecologist

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If you are the person who adores nature, you can quench your love for the same by getting into the shoes of an ecologist. As an ecologist your role will be to conduct field surveys to gather biological information needed for various databases maintained by many government bodies working in the environmental sector, carrying out habitat surveys, assessing the environmental impacts on the animals, analyzing different ecosystems, data reporting, etc.

4. Media sector

If you are fantasized about adhering to the media sector, ‘zoology’, the multidisciplinary stream may even help you to grab entry into it. You may hunt for the most conceded groups or ventures like Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery, etc who remain in constant search of zoologists for research and documentaries.

5. Scientific writer

If you master the writing skills, then scientific writing is your goal. You will be undertaking the writing assignments for animal-based journals, articles for animal magazines or daily newspapers, blogs for commercial web sites, content for conferences or TV programs based or related to animal findings, reports for companies, etc.  Here you may cherish the resilience of work by turning into a Freelance writer working in the comfort of your home.

6. Animal nutritionist

You can work to design the diet regime for the animals in the field of agriculture or zoo, keeping into consideration all the nutrients indispensable to increase the likelihood of the animal’s survival, well-being, and productivity. Governments, public health organizations, animal welfare ventures, research institutions, universities, or companies indulged in the production of animal-based products may present openings within this profile. 

7. Marine biologist

If your love for aquatic life propels you to dive into the oceans, then this could be the best career option to be considered.  A marine biologist’s role is to study, observe, protect, preserve marine organisms by appraising their behavioral responses to environment patterns. Besides, you will get an opportunity to immerse yourself into the calmness of the oceanic life as well as to assess the magnitude of their impropriety. You can work in association with wildlife organizations or conservation groups to deliver collaborative research and data reports or even with zoos. Further, you can expect to travel across the world while doing so.

8. Environment consultants

As an environmental consultant, you may work with various public and private sectors or multidisciplinary clients to address animal and environment-related ethical issues and assess the intensity of the damage running the likelihood of the persistence of the animals or other species. Profiles can range from the desk-based legislation department of the companies ensuring compliance with the environmental regulations to make field surveys and piling up data about the distinct environmental parameters.

9. Employee with National Parks, wildlife sanctuaries or zoos

Your extreme affection for the animals and the craving to avail their propinquity can lead you to work with organizations directly involved with animals. Here you may work in the direction of the welfare of the animals adopting some of the nontrivial roles like deciding with the animal’s diet, administering the medication, assisting with veterinary procedures, evaluating their behavior changes against the effect of the ecosystem disturbances, carrying out the statistical data studies and also to throw educational programs supporting this noble cause.

10. Wildlife Conservationist

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Wildlife rehabilitation centers employ candidates who target conservation of the endangered species and their habitats by considering various ecological parameters and thus suggesting models to rehabilitate animals into natural habitats or breeding and nurturing of animals for conservation purposes. With growing advancement in the technologies, different equipment and software can be utilized to accomplish these goals. The threat by some invasive species could also be identified and monitored in specified areas under this role.

11. Veterinarian

With escalating fanaticism towards keeping pets in both the rural and urban areas, demand for veterinarians in India has also shown a boom.  A large number of students are adopting this field by realizing its prospects. Numerous government’s animal husbandry departments or animal care centers, dairy research institutes, piggery and poultry farms, zoos, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries also offer jobs for veterinarians where their main responsibility remains to perform daily health assessments for the animals.

12. Companies and industries  

Many nutrition companies indulged in the production of animal foods, pharma companies producing animal drugs or vaccines could be targeted as they offer alluring emoluments to their employees.

The employment opportunities are also available within some other domains like medical laboratories, fisheries, aquaculture, museum services, hatcheries, agricultural departments, forest departments, scientific civil services, herpetology, forensics, etc.

In accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the requirement for zoologists is expected to display an increase of 5% between 2012 and 2022. There are enormous career options and job opportunities available for MSc Zoology students both in the government as well as private sectors. Applicants are required to remain updated with openings advertised by various govt departments like state PSC, SSC, or UPSC regularly. Apart from the fundamental knowledge of your field, you must conquer the mathematical skills which append to your proficiency to succeed in zoology as most of the profiles would be requiring data entry and usage of the statistical tools or performing calculations. Analytical abilities, good hand over using the equipment, robust physical endurance especially when job profile demands site visits, empathy to deal, and communicate with animals are some other attributes to be possessed.

Salary trends

Depending on the profile, field of specialization and the experience, the salary trend for zoologists may vary but it could be considered ranging from INR 3.5 lakhs for the freshers up to 10 lakhs for the expertise.

Your inclination towards animal life and zeal to establish a successful career in zoology can certainly direct you to attain milestones in your life so identify your goals within this multitudinous domain, become aware of your strengths and supplement all the efforts to revive your dreams having faith in one of the admirable quotes, 

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

Author: Dr. Nidhi Hukku, Senior Expert @ Biotecnika


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