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Syngene Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Associate Job

Syngene Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Associate Job. Syngene Bioinformatics, Computational Biology Research Associate Jobs. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Designation:  Senior Research Associate – Informatics

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Job ID: 5077

Job Location: Bangalore

Department: Research Informatics

Job Purpose:

This role requires applying bioinformatics as well as network analysis for analyzing protein networks and also drug repurposing.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carry out bio- and chem-informatics data analysis to generate novel scientific hypotheses
  • Understand and also implement project plans
  • Present results to senior research staff
  • Writing records and case studies
  • Follow environment, health, as well as safety (EHS) requirements whatsoever times in the workplace guaranteeing individual and lab/plant safety
  • Attend training on environment, health, and safety (EHS) measures imparted company

Educational QualificationMS in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology or related discipline

Technical/ Functional Abilities:

  • Expertise in applying computational methods including machine learning, network analysis, similarity measures to analyze biological and chemical data.
  • Capability to generate in silico workflows making use of analytical tools and also databases to generate hypotheses
  • Familiarity with bioinformatics tools, techniques as well as databases
  • Proficiency in programming/scripting; working knowledge of RDBMS is a plus.
  • Great interpretation as well as analytical abilities
  • Good written communication abilities
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Experience: 3-6 years of experience in computational drug discovery/ computational biology/ bioinformatics.

Behaviour Skills:

  • Good Interpersonal skill
  • People Management
  • Positive attitude
  • Customer-Centric
  • Result oriented
  • Proactive
  • Ready to accept any type of new challenges

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