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Novozymes Biological Sciences R&D Scientist Job Vacancy

Novozymes Biological Sciences R&D Scientist Job Vacancy. Candidates with an msc/phd biological sciences can apply. Bengaluru job vacancy for biological sciences candidates. Novozymes Careers, r&d post that is available at Novozymes. Check details below:

Job Title: Scientist II

Ref ID: 7245BR

Location: Bangalore

Country: India

Job Area: Research and Development

Application Scientist, Bangalore, India:

We are seeking a very innovative and skilled Application Scientist for Novozymes India R&D for supporting one of the biggest FMCG projects along with the development of next-generation enzymes and existing enzymes for Laundry applications.

This position is based in Novozymes’ state of the art laboratory in Bangalore, with solid cross-functional collaboration linkages to various other Novozymes global sites. The position requires to find solutions to complex biological problems to deliver better products to our customers more efficiently and also effectively. This will certainly involve strong technological abilities at the bench, problem-solving abilities, sound knowledge of the field, and also excellent collaborative skills. Additionally, the ideal applicant will certainly have to challenge the status quo as well as thinking out of the box mindset, towards developing innovative solutions in industrial biotechnology. Committed, driven, proactive and passionate scientist.

Tasks as well as responsibilities


  • Securing continuous development of application capabilities, competencies as well as core technologies with respect to Household care (HHC) applications.
  • Having an in-depth understanding of household care applications utilizing enzymes correlating with customer needs.
  • Lead/support laundry projects across different Novozymes R&D departments, internally and globally with time-bound delivery of quality results.
  • Present research findings to the project teams, through data analysis, reports as well as presentations to stakeholders.
  • Guaranteeing scientific as well as personal development by active coaching of Research Associates.
  • Building a solid network within Novozymes internally and connect externally with academia as well as customers using projects.
  • Securing good teamwork within as well as across departments locally as well as globally.
  • Actively interacting with Business Developers and potential customers to understand the various potential ideas to product development for Indian R&D.
  • Secure continuous Innovation pipeline with proactive patent filing.

Qualifications and also Experience:

  • Ph. D. or M.Sc in any kind of branch of Biological or Chemical Sciences with 3-5 years or 8-10 years respectively.
  • Work experience in the Laundry domain and formulation understanding is mandatory.
  • Working knowledge of Statistical tools and analysis would be a plus.
  • Experience in project management with people management abilities.
  • Capability to network globally, locally.
  • Customer interfacing experience.


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