COVID-19 Patients Care At Home
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COVID-19 Patients Care At Home
New System By Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd

To fight the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs and innovators across the country have responded quickly and new initiatives and efforts are being taken.

The Department of Biotechnology’s Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
(DBT-BIRAC) is supporting a solution that seamlessly combines a last-mile clinical network of phlebotomists, therapists, doctors, nurses, and clinical telepresence technology, and collaboration framework. This reduces the hospital visits and stays and provides all the facilities in the comfort of home as it enables doctor-driven specialty care to patients at home.

From the Asymptomatic stage to Mild Symptoms to Moderate Symptoms stage, the patients can be cared for at home during most of the illness trajectory with the new system developed by Ubiqare Health Pvt Ltd. This allows the leverage for only those with severe symptoms to use the hospital infrastructure.

To ensure that the hospitals are well equipped to serve those in need, the governments have been taking a lot of measures. This healthcare innovation makes sure that all patients are well taken care of even if someone chose to stay at home and get treated.

How does it work for patients in different stages?

  • The patients’ health will be self-monitored in the Asymptomatic stage and Mild Symptoms stage, and the data will be uploaded to the cloud for analysis by an
    algorithm. The doctor will further review this analysis. Interventions for collecting lab samples for testing will be supported. During the quarantine, any non-compliance to care protocols will be detected and alerted. The family members will also be monitored during this stage.
  • In the Moderate stage, it will help in the shifting of the patients to a nearby isolation ward and be supported by the Care doctor over the telepresence platform.
  • It will support in shifting them to hospitals under specialists’ care for those with Severe symptoms or patients with epidemiological risks.

Unique Aspects

Patients with Covid-19 at home who are under care from Ubiqare will get:

  • Extension of care of Pulmonologist/ Physician and interactive clinical telepresence.
  • Regular Monitoring by IoT enabled medical devices with cloud-based analytics on EHR.
  • Analytics-Assisted Tele-Consultation and Triaging by Ubiqare Doctor/ Pulmonologist/ Physician.
  • Interventions or sample collection by the last mile clinical network/ healthcare workers.

This health solution subscription ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month.