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Syngene Molecular Biology Research Associate Job – Apply Online

Syngene Molecular Biology Research Associate Job – Apply Online. Molecular Biology / Bioinformatics Jobs at Syngene. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Position: Senior Research Associate

Job ID: 10991

Job Description:

  • Well versed with Molecular Biology techniques, such as PCRs, Cloning, Plasmid Isolation (Maxi, Mega and Giga scale), RNA isolation, cDNA prep work, Site-directed Mutagenesis etc.
  • Basic bioinformatics tools
  • Handling of Molecular Biology analysis tools like Sequencher, Vector NTI, Clone manager, Snapgene etc.
  • Microsoft Office abilities
  • Outstanding written and communication abilities
  • Efficient record-keeping as well as data management
  • Collaborate with colleagues with respect to information/knowledge sharing
  • Adhere to all EHS requirements including wearing PPEs as well as safe working practices


  • Molecular Biology Skills
  • Knowledge of Prokaryotic protein expression, screening, V-gene cloning and/or Phage display library (will certainly be a plus).


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