solving previous CSIR question papers
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Strategies For Solving Previous Year CSIR Question Papers 

CSIR NET exam is a national level exam conducted twice a year by the National Testing Agency to select candidates for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and for determining their eligibility for appointment as lecturers in Indian universities and colleges.

Qualifying the CSIR NET exam is the first step towards an academic or research career in India.

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It is the most recognized and prestigious national level exam for PhD aspirants and lectureship seeking individuals. Clearing this exam requires intense dedication, passion, and smart work.

Every Year more than three lakh Indian students write CSIR exams hoping to secure top ranks. They use different strategies for the preparation to crack the highly competitive exam, which otherwise is difficult to achieve.

It goes without saying that “Practice makes perfect”. Practice every time you get a chance. This way no matter what curveball is thrown your way, you will be able to handle it. It cannot be stressed enough how beneficial practicing previous years papers are whilst being successful in cracking the CSIR NET exam. This is a tried and tested method that has been inculcated in us since we were giving our board exams.

Practicing Previous Year question papers is one of the most important aspects of CSIR UGC NET preparation. This helps students not only improve their time management skills but also understand their weak areas for the exam. According to statistics, all who qualify the CSIR NET exam implement strategies that involve practicing previous Year question papers.

Few Advantages of solving previous Year question papers for CSIR NET exam preparation
  • Help to familiarize aspirants with the pattern of the question paper, type of questions, and topics of higher weightage.
  • Helps improve time management skills, gives an idea about the time taken to solve the complete question paper and the actual speed of the aspirant.
  • Checks the level of preparation, helps understand the strong and weak areas, facilitate the periodic monitoring of the performance of aspirants.
  • Enhance the question-solving skills and, thus, the performance of aspirants.
  • Boosts confidence and examination temperament, creates a sense of self-assurance.
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Strategies for practicing previous Year question papers

Now, as you understand the importance of practicing previous Year question papers, you can start solving them. But you need to follow some strategies even in practicing question papers to get a better result in the CSIR NET exam.

Understand the following strategies and apply them to your study plan before you start the preparation for the exam.

 – Understand The Syllabus

  • Have a print out of the syllabus, keep a blueprint handy of all the units and topics you need to cover.
  • Identify your weak and strong areas.
  • And as you tackle them one at a time, correspondingly start solving practice questions.
  • If you have some time, jot down the questions for each topic you come across, so that in the end when you revise, you will have a list of the relevant questions for each topic and unit handy, and your revision process will be faster.

– Topic Wise Practice

  • After you finish studying the concepts of each topic, select the questions over the topic that have been asked during the previous years’ exams.
  • This would be an opportunity to analyze your level of preparation on that particular topic.
  • Also, it gives an understanding of the possible questions and types of questions that can be asked from the topic.
  • Moreover, practicing topic wise questions helps you to identify the important concepts.
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– Unit Wise Practice 

  • Once you finished studying an entire unit, you can go for solving unit wise questions. This helps you to interpret your level of preparation for the unit as well as your memorizing capability.
  • Solving previous year questions from the unit would work as a revision for the whole unit. It will strengthen your understanding and memory of the concepts.
  • Here you might encounter a few questions that you had solved during the topic-wise practice. Solving them once more will help test your memory.
  • This will also help you to understand the topics of more weightage in the unit.

– Year-Wise Practice

After you have finished studying all units and practiced enough questions, you can now go for year-wise practicing of question papers.

  • Start from the most recent CSIR NET exam question paper and continue practicing question papers in the descending order of years. Remember, this is when you have to improve your time management skills.
  • Keep track of the time you are taking to solve one whole question paper and try improving this every time.

Solving year-wise question papers helps you to familiarize the most recent question paper pattern, identify your strong and weak areas and understand how much you are able to recollect from what you studied since the day you started your preparation. Also, this would teach you to solve questions by combining concepts from different units.

Overall, multiple practice sessions can familiarize you with the type of questions that can be asked and trains your brain to think in the right direction. You will be able to solve questions faster since you have an understanding of the concept and the logic behind the questions and how it is answered. You will have an idea as to which units are important, what concepts are key and this will help you study smart.

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– Practicing Most Difficult questions ever asked

You should have covered the whole syllabus, practiced enough questions, and revised the topics by now. But if you want to secure a top rank in the CSIR NET exam, you need to be skilled in solving even the most difficult questions. You can find the most difficult questions ever asked in CSIR NET exam from resources like the Biotecnika’s ToughNet. Solving these questions will strengthen your understanding of concepts and immensely boost your confidence.

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