How To Prepare For CSIR NET & GATE Exam Together
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CSIR NET & GATE Preparation – CSIR NET & GATE Exam Preparation

How To Prepare For CSIR NET & GATE Exam Together

The world is now realizing the need and worth of biosciences as the tiny invisible virus has caused the deadly Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The passion that drives every life science student to pursue a career in bioscience is now being appreciated. But how can you make the most out of the biosciences field and be successful in your line of interest? You have to stand out among the crowd and get noticed as the field of biosciences is highly competitive and continuously growing.

We all know that the road to success is not an easy path, and talking about a successful career in bioscience, it is evident that one has to have a goal and work hard each day to get closer to the goal. If research is the domain of your interest, then you already know that a Master’s degree becomes the basic qualification. But what after the Masters?

Almost every such student ends up being super confused at this phase of their career. Proper guidance and a bit of self-analysis can make the decision-making process extremely


To have a strong research career, a PhD is going to become a mandate in the near future. One must try to qualify competitive exams such as CSIR & GATE with a good rank for a PhD degree.

Here Biotecnika brings you the Tips and Tricks to Crack the CSIR NET & GATE Exam together!

Why not hit two birds with one stone?

Both of these exams have their own benefits, and if you are sure which one you want to write, then you can completely dedicate yourself in preparation for that exam. However, if you are willing to explore your options and write both the exams, then you must act smart and prepare for both the exams together in a strategized manner, which will ensure your success! You might wonder if it is possible to prepare for two major exams together, you might worry if you will be able to prepare sufficiently for the exams. This article will clear all your doubts in this regard and will give you the preparation details along with the confidence to clear CSIR UGC NET and GATE exam with one master preparation strategy.

To Crack both the Exams Together, You must

  1. Understand the importance of CSIR NET Exam and GATE Exam
  2. Identify Overlapping Syllabus in Both the Exam
  3. Study Only the Important Topics
  4. Solve Previous Year Question Papers
  5. Solve The Test Series of Both Exams

The Importance of CSIR UGC NET And GATE Exam

First, analyze and decide why you want to write the exam. These exams are not a piece of cake, and it requires sheer hard work and dedication. Understanding the importance of each of the exams will help you realize the level of the examination and will upgrade your mind to the required preparation level.

One of the reasons to write these exams is to withstand the cut-throat competition and to do so; it is important to have a national level certificate. Qualifying these exams with high rank will take you closest to your dreams and will give the national level certificate along with many benefits including:

  • Monthly Stipend
  • Admission in top institutes
  • Job requisite
  • Knowledge
  • Foreign education
  • Weightage addition to your resume


The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India, is one of the premier national Research and Development (R&D) organization. It is among the world’s largest publicly funded R&D organization. CSIR conducts the CSIR UGC NET exam twice in a year, via which you can either get Junior Research Fellow or Lecturership if you qualify the exam. CSIR UGC NET entrance exam is the most prestigious and recognized national level exam at present for any PhD aspirant or for lectureship seeking individuals in the field of Life Science, Chemical Science & Other subjects. The best part of CSIR fellowship is that it is one of the most recognized fellowships for PhD in India and definitely adds a heavy weightage to the CV of the qualifying students.


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all-India examination that tests a comprehensive understanding of candidates in various undergraduate subjects in engineering and sciences. GATE is conducted every year jointly by the Indian Institute of sciences and 7 Indian Institute of Technology(IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, and IIT Roorkee)on behalf of the National Coordination Board-GATE under the Union Ministry of Human Resources Development(MHRD). Anyone whose dream is to study in IITs and NIT a good GATE score can pave the way to fulfill the individual’s desire. Not only in India, but there are certain Universities outside India that consider the GATE score for their entrance process.

Now let’s dive into the strategies to prepare for both the exams:

Identify Overlapping Syllabus in Both the Exam

  • The best way to prepare for these two exams simultaneously is by identifying and preparing for the overlapping syllabus of both the exams. It will be as good as preparing for each exam separately.
  • Both the exams require high strength in basics. You must be thorough with your 10th and 12th standard subjects. You should be very good at the fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, and Biology.
  • Both the exams are now computerized online exams; hence, attending the exam will also need the same type of preparation.
  • Planning your study according to the exam’s syllabus is the key step here. Candidates who want to appear in GATE in either Biotech or Life science subject, and for CSIR UGC Life Sciences Exam, must be completely aware of each of the exam pattern and the syllabus. The exam pattern and syllabus of the GATE exam are authoritatively prescribed by the Indian Institutes of Technology, and the CSIR prescribes the CSIR NET UGC Exam.
  • Your first step in this Dual Exam Preparation is to write down the syllabus of both the exams and mark the overlapping syllabus.
  • Note down the common topics and prepare yourself accordingly by referring to the best books.
  • Plan your study in such a way that first, you cover the overlapping syllabus of both the exams, and you’ll see yourself already halfway prepared for both the exams.

Study Only the Important Topics

  • The syllabus of both the exams is vast, and covering the entire syllabus will need loads of time but will also burden you with a large number of topics.
  • The simple way to escape from the burden of covering the entire syllabus for both the exams is by smartly studying only the important topics.
  • CSIR UGC NET and GATE exam, both the exams have their own set of important topics from where the major portion of the questions are from. Hence, once you are done with learning the overlapping syllabus, your remaining work to do is to cover all the important topics of both the exams and be thorough in those topics.
  • You can identify the important topic of the exams by understanding the weightage of the exam’s syllabus. Unit-wise weightage will let you know the important units to cover. Picking the correct books for preparation of CSIR UGC NET and GATE exam is vital as this can play an imperative role in the exam preparation and thus provide an edge to the successful efforts.
  • Once you note down the important topics of both the exams, set your mind and begin to train yourself accordingly and ensure you have covered all the necessary topics and you are thorough with it in and out. You are almost set now! You are strong in your basics, covering the overlapping subjects of the exams, which in turn covers the individual exam’s syllabus, and you have mastered all the important topics of the exams!

Previous Year Question Papers

  • The smartest way to understand any exam is by examining and solving the previous year question papers of the exams.
  • Now that you are thorough with your basics, the overlapping syllabus, and the important topics of both the exam, you have now figure out which other area needs more attention and work on it.
  • To do this, start by collecting all the recent previous year question papers available for both CSIR and GATE exams. Take it slow and try to solve as much as papers you can. Solving previous years’ question papers allows you to understand the question paper pattern of both the exam.
  • Your ability to solve the papers will show you in which area you need to improve. Concentrate more on the areas where you are lacking and prepare accordingly. The more number of papers you solve, the greater will be your knowledge of the exam structure, and the higher are your chances of excelling in the exams.

Solve The Test Series of Both Exams

  • The last and the most important and game-changing step is incorporating the habit of solving the test series of the exams. No matter how good you think you are prepared, only when you take the test series, you will realize where your preparation stands.
  • Having a way to experience how the exam would be in real-time is the greatest advantage for any exam candidate.
  • Test series gives you a clear cut idea of how the exam will be. The most important part to concentrate while solving the test series is your time management. By solving the test series of CSIR NET and GATE Exam, you will know which section is your cup of tea and which section is taking up more time.
  • Test series is the best way to identify all your weaknesses and strengths of your preparation. In whichever section you are lagging in, practice more papers and concentrate more on the topics of that section.
  • This is the best way to mend yourself and the smartest way to master the preparation for both the exams.

These ways do not seem impossible; do they?

These five steps are the smart way of preparing for two major exams together. You would be able to make the most of the time in your hands and will be ready to give your best shot in both the CSIR NET and GATE Exam.

You put in your intense dedication, a positive attitude, and a pinch of passion, and we at BioTecNika will give you the channelized guidance and the smart work you require to crack both the exams. Any candidate with the drive to achieve big will surely be able to simultaneously take up the CSIR NET & GATE Exam Preparation and will successfully qualify the exams!

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