Syngene Discovery Biology Associate
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Syngene Discovery Biology Associate Scientist Job Opening

Syngene Discovery Biology Associate Scientist Job Opening. Cell Culture & Life Science Jobs at Syngene. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Position: BBRC-DBTS-Senior Associate Scientist

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Job ID: 9795

Senior Associate Scientist— In-vitro cellular assays, target biochemistry and also signalling networks:

Fibrosis Discovery Biology team is seeking an experienced associate scientist and an experienced senior associate scientist to support our novel drug discovery programs. As a member of one or more discovery stage programs, successful applicants are responsible to design, develop and also apply biochemical, cellular and also a radio/fluorimetric assays to identify as well as to characterize active compounds during lead discovery and also optimization to test novel fibrosis targets/pharmacological hypotheses. Successful applicants will likewise be responsible for the design and execution of exploratory studies intended to understand proximal and distal markers, pertinent to target biology. Applicants have to exhibit an energetic as well as an innovative approach to problem resolving. Solid communication and interpersonal abilities with a desire to work in a hectic, dynamic environment are required.

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop as well as perform innovative cellular screens to drive drug discovery programs
    Plan experiments, order reagents, set up assay platforms and also deliver them in a prompt fashion
  • Regular data analysis, critically analyze as well as interpret data and also effectively document
  • Accountable for troubleshooting.
  • Work collaboratively with-in Discovery Biology & Translational Sciences team
  • Proactively look for brand-new information in the literature and also apply to the program over-all
  • Perform various other duties and also projects as assigned, consisting of working group inventory management/ordering or regulatory record-keeping
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  • Expertise in a broad array of cellular tools as well as assays, consisting of interrogation of cell signaling paths and complex cell-culture conditions
  • Working knowledge of developing cell-based assays
  • Expertise in mammalian cell culture, isolation and culturing of primary cells
  • Experience required in a wide array of technological methods (e.g. western blot analysis, ELISAs, flow cytometry analysis of primary cells etc).


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