potential molecule to treat COVID-19
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Potential Molecule To Treat COVID-19 Discovered By Researchers at Noida University

Researchers at Shiv Nadar University have discovered a set of chemical molecules that have the potential to treat ARDS – acute respiratory distress syndrome induced by COVID-19, said the private university from Noida.

The university said, the group of scientists led by Prof. Subhabrata Sen, Department of Chemistry expects to finish the pre-clinical researches by the year-end and after which the compound will be set for human trials. The new chemical entities (NCEs) hold prospective to treat ARDS induced by COVID-19 or SARS and MERS (other coronavirus infections).

A provisional patent has been applied in India to safeguard the new chemical entities. The molecule in discovery is being passed to the next stage of animal testing to test its efficacy. According to the scientists, the treatment would not just prevent COVID-19 from affecting a person’s lungs however will additionally deal with lung injuries brought up by the infection, in cases, if the ventilators are not available or not showing effective, this molecule will bring relief to individuals suffering from ARDS due to COVID-19 infection.

Sen said, “We wish our therapeutic approach will decipher options against diseases related to ARDS

. By the year-end, we aim to complete the preclinical studies, after which the compound will potentially be ready for the following developmental phase along with human trials”.

Sen said, “The 2-fold method developed by the team involved the application of the NCEs to prevent attachment, entry as well as infection of the new coronavirus with a known target on the virus and co-administration of a known drug (that modifies a set of hormonal receptors in human) and these NCEs attenuate ARDS caused by the coronavirus COVID-19”.

Rupamanjari Ghosh, Vice-chancellor, Shiv Nadar University said: “This certain study holds up the assurance for a medicine that can fight against COVID-19, MERS and SARS“.


Author: Sruthi S