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ICGEB Biology Jobs – Research Associate Recruitment

ICGEB Biology Jobs – Research Associate Recruitment. ICGEB PhD Biological Science Vacancies. Biological Science Research Posts. Interested candidates can check out all of the details on the same below:

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Name of Post: Post-doctoral (RA-I) Position in Ion channel Biology

No. of Posts: 01

How to apply: Interested applicants may fill out the online google form at:.

Documents to be uploaded: CV (less than 3 pages, need to have contact details of 3 academic referees), Cover letter (one-page) clearly stating how you can add to the project.

Candidates can likewise send a research proposal on any kind of ion channel of

their interest, but not necessary.

  • Last date to Apply: 3 May 2020. However, the position will be open untill filled.
  • Tentative Interview: Early May 2020.
  • Queries can be addressed to: [email protected].

Fellowship and period: 47000 + 24 % HRA =58,280.00 Rs/ month. The project is funded till June 2021.

Qualifications: PhD in Biological Sciences. Those who have submitted the thesis and are.
waiting for VIVA can likewise apply. Only Indian nationals can apply for this position.

Experience: Independent expertise in one of the following is a need to: making liposomes.
with various lipids and additives, liposome reconstitution assays, ion-channel recording, cell biology, protein overexpression in cell lines, protein purification and crystallization, and.
inhibitor screening using cancer cells lines.

Job description: Cloning, ion channel overexpression in a mammalian cell line, detergent.
screening using F-SEC, protein purification, liposomal reconstitution, ion channel recording, sample prep work for cryo-EM and crystallization utilizing LCP, X-ray and cryo-EM data.
collection, structure determination and inhibitor screening utilizing various cancer cell lines.

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