How To Write A Perfect Internship Cover
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How To Write A Perfect Internship Cover Letter

A cover letter is a must while applying for an internship, companies request a cover letter along with the resume, referrals as well as various other required documents. One of the best ways to showcase why you are the best candidate for the position is through a cover letter. Thereby permitting you to broaden on as well as display key experiences and skills.

We are here with a number of tips as well as examples to help you compose an internship cover letter.

Writing A Perfect Internship Cover Letter

A well-written cover letter needs to highlight relevant skills and experiences that make you the most perfect fit for the position. Additionally, it should catch the employer’s interest and prompt them to review your resume further. To fulfill these points, it is necessary to add a couple of vital info in your cover letter.

  • Mention the exact position you are applying for
  • Use ideal keywords
  • Include your relevant coursework
  • Add relevant skills
  • Describe why you’re an excellent fit for the internship
  • Describe what you feel you would achieve from the internship
  • Review your cover letter prior to sending out

Let’s take a better look at each step to know how to write a perfect cover letter for an internship.

  1. Mention the exact position you are applying for

Starting your cover letter by indicating the position you’re applying for shows you’ve attentively considered what makes you the perfect candidate for the position you are applying for. Additionally, it implies that you have actually written a cover letter especially for this vacancy instead of applying for all the jobs and internships with a single cover letter. It likewise reminds the authorities about the position and gives context for the rest of your letter.

2. Use ideal keywords

Companies and institutions often check for keywords associated with the role in the resumes and cover letters. For ideas on which keywords you should, review the job description and also the firm’s website. For instance, if the job description lists “time management” as a preferred top quality, attempt noting relevant examples in your cover letter.

3. Include your relevant coursework

In case you don’t have job experience or little experience, appropriate coursework can be helpful. Include your completed courses appropriate to the industry or job description. Example: if you are applying for an Animal Tissue culture internship, make sure to list your Tissue culture courses and any considerable achievements.

4. Add relevant skills

Highlight your pertinent expertise, knowledge, and education that will profit the company in the body of your cover letter. If you do not have professional industry experience, you can add the skills from your previous work, volunteer positions, achievements in extracurricular activities or projects or courses you’ve done. Example: if you’re applying for a position in a virology institute, add your experiences or skills in microbiology or any skills relevant to the role or how you have gained the importance of time management from your previous job.

5. Describe why you’re an excellent fit for the internship

Add a few lines about your certifications relating to what you are applying for. Read the job summary and understand the skills and experiences the company is looking for. Prioritize those skills and experiences and align them in your cover letter.

6. Describe what you feel you would achieve from the internship

The companies offer internship programs to help students understand the industry and develop skills, experiences, and also relationships that will benefit them in the future. Highlight in few lines, what you wish to achieve and learn with the internship.

7. Review your cover letter prior to sending out

Once you are done writing your cover letter, take your time to review and modify it. Check meticulously for punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors. Always go for a third party review – ask your close friends or family members to evaluate your final draft.

How to Send a Cover Letter?

You will be likely sending your resume and cover letter digitally unless you’re hand-delivering it. The company often asks you to affix your cover letter as part of the application in the email. In other instances, they’ll ask you to email your resume and cover letter.

  1. Attach your cover letter to the email – If a company asks you to affix your internship cover letter, you can attach it to your e-mail by adding the cover letter file from your computer. Make sure that the file name includes your name rather than some generic name. Example: Anna-Cover-Letter.doc and avoid using names like coverletterABC.doc, which is difficult to search.

2. Paste your cover letter in the body of the email – You may paste the cover letter directly into the body of the email if the company does not specifically ask for the cover letter as an attachment. Make sure to include the greeting to the name of the individual you’re emailing it to (if you know it).

Example of an internship cover letter

Dear Mr. X,

I am sending my resume for consideration for the molecular techniques internship program at XYZ company/institute. Given the skills and experience laid out in my enclosed resume, I believe I will certainly be a worthwhile asset to the team.

In my three years at ABC university, I have completed a great deal of coursework on molecular techniques in microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics including DNA sequencing‎, with experience both in the lab and in the field.

Additionally, I have done a project on molecular cloning from XYZ institute during my semester holidays. Working in the project made me learn much more about the technique and upgrade my skills. It likewise helped me expand my abilities, leadership as well as verbal communication.

I believe I would certainly make an outstanding addition to your team. This internship would certainly aid me to develop and refine my molecular technology skills and expand my real-world experience in the industry.

Thank you for your consideration,


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