COVID19 Hotspots in India
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COVID19 Hotspots in India
170 Districts Identified As COVID-19 Hotspots, 207 Districts as Potential Hotspots

Officials said that 170 districts are identified as COVID19 hotspots in India, and 207 districts are identified as prospective hotspots by the Union Health Ministry, reiterating that so far, there has been no community transmission of the disease in the nation. Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health said while addressing the daily briefing to provide updates on coronavirus scenario in the country, that states have been asked to categorize districts which have reported a high number of positive cases as hotspots, the districts where cases have been reported as non-hotspots, and districts where no cases have been reported yet as green zones.

Agarwal said, “The districts which are reporting more cases or have a high growth rate of COVID-19 cases are categorized as hotspots. A thorough direction specifying that consolidated efforts are required to use this period of lockdown to suppress the virus spread has been issued to states”.

On April 16, 2020, the cabinet secretary had held a video conference to discuss hotspots, and orientation on field level execution of containment technique was provided. The video conference was attended by all health secretaries

, chief secretaries, collectors, DGPs, SPs, CMOs, and municipal commissioners.

He added, “They were told about large outbreak containment strategies, cluster control methods, parameter mapping, defining of entry and exit points, delineation of buffer and containment zone, were also discussed”.

Movement of people will certainly not be allowed in the containment zones with the exception of those associated with essential services. New cases will be searched by special teams, and samples will be collected and evaluated based on sampling procedure, said the joint secretary.

The health facilities in the buffer zone outside the containment zone would be oriented, and individuals facing influenza-like signs and symptoms and SARI will be tested there, said the authorities.

Agarwal said, “Special groups have been developed which will operate in containment zone and do contact mapping as well as house-to-house surveys. Patients having breathlessness, cough and fever will be determined in the study, and the necessary action will be taken”. He added, no community transmissions have been reported until now, yet some local outbreak is reported.

The ministry authorities said, “The number of coronavirus cases has increased to 11,439, in the last 24 hours 1,076 new cases were reported while the death rate is 377 in India.

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