Covid toes as symptom of coronavirus

Experts Identified Covid Toes As Symptom Of Coronavirus Infection 

A new potential symptom of Covid-19 has been identified particularly in infected kids and young adults by the dermatologists in Europe and America. Inflammation of toes and feet and discoloration of the organ was found in some Covid-19 patients by dermatologists in Italy in March.

People living in harsh winters in polar and sub-polar regions usually have a similar condition, much like frostbite or pernio. The blood vessels in the toes get aggravated inflammation and tend to have a serious spasm in this condition.

Dermatologists nicknamed the condition as ‘Covid Toes’ after they found the condition is dominated in areas with a high concentration of Covid-19 patients.

The areas in the US hit severely by Covid-19 like Boston are also reporting Covid toes.

Kids visiting doctors with Covid Toes are being recommended for coronavirus tests by the American Academy of Dermatology.

No other Covid-19 symptoms were shown by such kids in Italy. Medical professionals and dermatologists are debating this correlation in social media.

One of the major reasons why coronavirus infection became a pandemic was the asymptomatic Covid-19 patients. Symptomatic patients all over the world were firmly dealt with by health

agencies. But to identify the asymptomatic patients remained a real challenge. The affected countries are revising the death toll due to this.

These asymptomatic patients may not be really asymptomatic. Pink eye, sudden loss of taste, or smell are now considered as atypical symptoms of Covid-19 while the common symptoms include, fever, sore throat, dry cough, respiratory difficulties, and tiredness. Fever is the most common symptom of Covid-19. Covid Toes is a symptom of coronavirus infection, newly added to the list.

In the coming months and years, the atypical symptoms of Covid-19 may evolve into the key indicators of the infection as the virus is going to stay with us for a long time, warmed the World Health Organization.