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Covance Life Science Clinical Data Specialist Recruitment

Covance Life Science Clinical Data Specialist Recruitment. MSc Life Sciences candidates are encouraged to apply online for the Covance Life Science Clinical Data Specialist Recruitment vacancy that is available at Covance. Covance Mumbai Job openings for msc/bsc life sciences candidates. Check out all of the details regarding the same below:

Name of the Position: Senior Clinical Data Specialist

Work Location: Bangalore, India

Job ID: 44744

Job Overview:

  • Review clinical trial data based on [Global] Data Management Plans and applicable standardized data management processes (SOPs, Work Instructions, etc.) to identify erroneous, missing, incomplete, or implausible data.
  • Run ancillary programs (e.g., diagnostics, special listings, reconciliation discrepancy listings) utilized to support the review of clinical trial data.
  • Generate, resolve and track queries to address problematic data identified during data review activities and apply proper adjustment I correction to the database.
  • Apply quality control procedures and checks to ensure data quality standards (client and Covance) are achieved.
  • Interact with the dictionary coding and maintenance group to ensure ideal process set up and application.
  • Assist with the reconciliation of central lab and I or third patty vendor data (eCRF, Diary, specialty lab, etc.).
  • Assist with the aggregate review of clinical data by patient, website and I or project to identify data trends (patient safety, compliance, etc.) and I or data variances that need frnther investigation.
  • Help in the development and testing of data management system edit I data validation checks (diagnostics) and special listings I procedures used as tools for the data review and discrepancy management activities.
  • Support the training of project staff on project-specific, global, standardized data management processes.
  • Perform various other duties as assigned by management.


M.Sc in Life Science.


4- 6 years.

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