Challenge COVID-19 Competition
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Challenge COVID-19 Competition – Apply Online By NIF

Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3)

Today when the country is facing a great challenge crisis due to the Corona pandemic, National Innovation Foundation – India (NIF) wishes to engage innovative citizens in its Challenge COVID-19 Competition (C3) by requesting them to participate with their creative ideas and innovations for the following problems/issues.

Reducing the transmission of Coronavirus

The Government has suggested a slew of measures to reduce the transmission however can there be some original creative ideas/innovations, which can supplement the efforts of the government in slowing or eliminating the spread further.

Sanitising one’s hands, body, home items and home, public places wherever required

To reduce transmission, sanitisation is very important. Government has urged people including Caregivers, to wash their hands periodically, not to touch their face and clean house daily. Any creative idea/innovation, which can make these tasks more interesting and effective?

Supply and distribution of essential items to people especially the elderly living alone

Despite lockdown, many people are seen outside their homes for the purchase of groceries or medicines. Ideas for the door-to-door supply of essential products and services are invited which obliterate the need to move out of the


Healthy food for nutrition and boosting immunity

The damage due to the virus can be minimised if a person is healthy. Ideas for food or drinks, which help people build their immunity while at home may also be sent. It should be noted that the availability of raw materials is limited during the lockdown period hence only those food items may be suggested whose raw materials may be easily available.

Gainful engagement of people at home

It is increasingly becoming difficult for people, especially the children to be at home all the time. Ingenious ideas, which help people stay at home and also engage in productive activities, are invited.

PPE’s and Rapid diagnostic testing facilities for capacity building of healthcare

Any amount of healthcare preparedness seemed very tiny while dealing with COVID-19. PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) like masks etc. and other important requirements like ventilators, rapid diagnostic testing facilities are needed in extraordinary quantities. Innovations in the PPE’s category and those contributing to Rapid diagnostic testing are encouraged to participate. Innovations which could provide protection against respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing of the infected and also against airborne transmission, when tiny droplets remain in the air even after the person with the virus leaves the area.

Rethinking “contactless” devices for the post-Corona implementation  needs

COVID-19 has forced the world to look touchpoints with a lot of suspicions. For all practical purposes, touchpoints are inevitable and it is quite common to deal with utilities like Elevators, restrooms etc especially at public places or at shared spaces. Certain countries have to start using toothpicks in elevators for pressing buttons which are temporary workarounds. These needed to be looked more holistically and how to make devices “contactless” or “minimize contact” is a dimension that design thinking will have to start embedding. Innovations around such design thinking in day to day devices and facilities we use are encouraged to participate in this category.

Varying needs of the different segment of the population during COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted all sections of the global population be it the children, youth or the elderly people; Corona Warriors: Medical and Essential Services Providers and most importantly the Differently – abled, Special Needs and Mentally Challenged Population. Innovations for the Differently-abled, Special Needs and Mentally Challenged Population is a very important dimension so that the pandemic is addressed for everyone in an inclusive manner.

Your Safety is the country’s concern

In the case of technological ideas worthy for prototyping, NIF will provide requisite financial help. Those ideas which may be implemented or disseminated, NIF will engage with relevant District/ State/National authorities for their implementation.

The details of ideas and innovations may be sent to the following email id ([email protected]) with complete details about the person (Name, Age, Education, Occupation, Address, Contact Number, Email) and details about the idea/ innovation (including photo and video, if any). Alternatively, ideas and innovations can also be submitted through the following

The C3 is being announced on March 31, 2020, and will be accepting entries on a rolling basis until further notification.

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