10 Things To Do & Learn While The Country is Under Coronavirus Lockdown
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Things To Do & Learn while the Country is Under
Coronavirus Lockdown

Doesn’t the coronavirus lockdown all over the world feel like something straight out of a scientific-thriller movie? Unfortunately, such a movie situation has turned out to be a reality today! The coronavirus COVID-19 has caused global havoc, disrupting day to day life.

This deadly beast (though not in the size of a beast) is spreading across the world faster than fire and has wiped out thousands of people in a span of just 2 months. As of now, the only way we know to defeat the deadly virus is simply by reducing the chance of getting infected, by enforcing ourselves into social distancing and house quarantines. Who would have thought there will be a time when the entire country would be officially grounded? Anyway, as we know how important it is to stay positive and hope for the situation to get better, let us try to look at ways to keep ourselves productive and positive during this lockdown.

Here are 10 things You can Do and Learn while the country is under Coronavirus Lockdown:

1. Rediscover Yourself

When was the last time you sat down and found time

to think about just yourself in this fast-moving world? If it was longer than you can remember, then now is the right time to shower all your attention on yourself. The world has slowed down, so should you. We are constantly evolving and growing depending upon the experiences we have in life. We become stronger in some aspects and we realize we are weaker in some. The key to improving oneself is by analyzing one’s weaknesses and strengths, and working upon them.

Sit down and pen down all the things you are good at and all the things you need to get better at. Analyze them and make a note of how you can keep getting better and improve on your weaknesses. This will help you in handling any situation like a pro. This will also help you to have a clear vision about yourself and will play a huge role in how you achieve your goals.

2.Enhance Your Reading & Analyzing Skills

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

Use this time wisely and invest it in reading. You will never regret the time spent reading, as it is something that will remain with you, throughout. If you are an ardent reader already, well you will understand and agree to us what we mean to say here. If you are someone who wants to start reading, Start by reading the news daily. Stay up to date with what is happening around the world and slowly move to other areas of your interest, which can be a novel, a scientific paper, etc. Biotecnika’s news section is filled with all the recent updates in the field of biosciences to keep you posted on everything under the life sciences community, you can start with reading that too.

Along with reading skills, it is also necessary to work on your analyzing skills. Analyze everything you read. For instance, when you read news about the current COVID-19 situation, not just read the lines but read in between the lines & analyze. This will not only help you analyze the situation better & be prepared but also will also enhance your reading analysis skills. SO, you see, reading & analyzing go hand in hand.

3.Enhance your Technical Skills

All of us are educated and study the same thing for our exams, yet, we are different in how we perform and how we apply our knowledge. This is because of the technical skillset we develop and enhance throughout our life. Gaining knowledge is not the only thing, enhancing our skills to apply the knowledge gained is equally important.

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4. Prepare for CSIR NET 2020 Exam

All the CSIR Exam aspirants can make the best use of their time by preparing for the exam during this time. You have enough time to plan, strategize, dedicate and prepare perfectly to qualify the exam.

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8. Be Creative, Explore Your Hidden Talents

It’s time to use the creative side of your brain. Go on to revisit your childhood favorite hobbies. Explore your artistic side and dive into exploring your talents. Try out all the artistic activities you can and begin your art therapy. Use any form of art to express your emotions. Drawing, painting, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, cooking or gardening will help you feel better. You could also get creative with your exam preparations and start making flowcharts, notes of your own to understand the topics better. Keep finding creative ways to keep yourself happy to keep you stress-free during hard times.

9. Relax, Take A Break!

Sometimes, all that we really need is just a break. A break from everything, a break from the demands of life, the routine and from the job. Many of us do not understand the importance of taking a break and often end up feeling stressed out. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, there is panic, anxiety, stress and too much worrying crawling inside our heads. It’s time to relax now.

As we are now forced to stay at home, it is the best place to take a break. Instead of a vacation, this break will be a staycation. It is all about being in our home sweet home, taking rest and feeling relaxed. Pause all your regular responsibilities and spend time doing things that make you happy and keeps you relaxed. Watch your favorite movies, watch sci-fi movies, watch scientific documentaries to make the most of your break.

10. Focus On Your Health

Focus on having a positive mind and a healthy body. No matter how bad the COVID 19 situation is, never let negative thoughts and fear creep in. Have no space for negativity in your mind. Take control over your mind and keep happiness as your goal. Having a positive outlook towards life will keep you content and calm. With a healthy mind, you will automatically focus on having a healthy body. Remember to stay fit. There is no need to worry about the gyms being closed and being in lockdown. Our body can get the exercise it needs anytime anywhere. Practice home workouts, exercise, start practicing yoga, play around with your dog or dance to your favorite song! Taking such initiatives will surely boost your mood and will keep feeling peaceful. Take this opportunity to have a better body, mind, and life.

The Earth has officially called for a break with the COVID-19 outbreak, which started in December 2019 in Wuhan China creating havoc around the world. The world is going through a tough time now, but let’s remember to stay positive and hope for better days. We are all in this together, we will defeat the pandemic soon.

Keep yourself positive and productive during this lockdown, better days are coming!

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