Pharma Company's Employees Test
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Mysuru’s pharma company’s 10 employees test positive for COVID-19 – Source of infection remains a mystery

4 more employees of a pharma company in Nanjangud near Mysuru were tested positive for COVID-19 on March 29, taking the total number of positive cases in the company to 10. The initial patient, a 35-year-old man working in the quality assurance division of the pharma firm. But the source of infection in the first patient is still a mystery.

The man was detected with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 recently and was confirmed of the infection on March 26. After that, 9 of his co-workers have been tested positive. The Mysuru district administration declared it a “cluster case.” This is the only cluster case to be reported from Karnataka.

On Monday, health officials affirmed that the person had no travel or contact history, currently, health officials are analyzing all the possibilities of the source of infection. The person acquiring the infection without a traveling or contact history has perplexed the government and has become a cause for concern. More than 900 employees of the company are put under home isolation by the administration. All of them were all tested for symptoms and 53

people among them are placed under close observation.

Jawaid Akhtar, Karnataka Extra Chief Assistant (Health), said: “The health team has taken surface samples of few packages that were delivered to the company from China“. He also added, “We do not know if the virus has come from China. We intend to look at all the possible angles of the source of infection. Samples have been sent for analysis to the National Institute of Virology and we are waiting on the results”.

When asked how long or if the virus could be viable on surfaces and exactly how testing of the packages would help, he stated “lots of aspects regarding the virus are not yet known. Let us see.”
Author: Sruthi S