Facts of Coronavirus
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Facts of Coronavirus Covid-19

The reality regarding exactly how you can get infected by coronavirus COVID-19, Who is most susceptible and How to avoid the infection.

Coronavirus Fact Check 1. : ‘Face masks do not work’

Using a face mask to prevent the infection does not give a 100% guarantee that you won’t get sick because viruses can infect the person by entering the body through the eyes and the tiny viral particles known as aerosols, is capable of penetrating through the masks. The mask works very well at preventing droplets to enter the mouth and nostrils, which is the main transmission mode of coronavirus COVID-9, and some researches have estimated approximately fivefold protection Vs no barrier alone (even though others have shown reduced levels of effectiveness).

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A face mask reduces the chance of transmitting the infection if you are in close contact with an infected person. Wearing a mask can protect others if you’re showing signs of coronavirus infection, or have actually been diagnosed. So masks are important for patients as well as healthy individuals taking care of patients and also who are taking care of family members who are ill – preferably both the patients and caretakers must wear a mask.

The mask will probably make only a small difference if you’re taking a bus or walking around the town so there is no need to bulk-buy a substantial supply.

Coronavirus Fact Check 2.: ‘Is COVID-19 evolving into a more deadly strain’

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All viruses undergo mutations with time and so the COVID-19. Natural selection is the main factor of how widespread different strains of a virus become. The virus strain which quickly propagates and reproduces efficiently in the body will certainly be the most “effective”. This doesn’t always imply most harmful for people, as infections that cause death swiftly or make them sick that they are crippled might be less likely to be transmitted.

Genetic analysis of the virus by Chinese researchers of 103 samples, extracted from individuals in Wuhan and also various other cities, shows that there is 2 main strain present, named as L and S. The strain L is more common (about 70% of the samples tested were that of strain L) than the strain S, which was found to be the wild strain.

The scientists behind this research claimed that this may suggest that the strain L is a lot more “aggressive” by either rapidly reproducing inside the body or transmitting more easily. But this study is theoretical at this phase. There have not yet been any straight contrasts to see whether people who encounter one variant of the virus are more probable to pass it on or endure more extreme signs and symptoms.

Coronavirus Fact Check 3.: ‘COVID-19 is not dangerous than winter flu’

Most of the people who get infected with coronavirus will certainly experience nothing worse than the symptoms of normal seasonal flu, however, considering the total account of infection, including its fatality rate, looks a lot more significant than normal seasonal flu. The death rate can be an overestimate if many mild cases are being missed out at the early stage of the disease outbreak. But this week, a WHO expert stated that this has actually not held true with COVID-19. A person who went on an international mission to China to know more about the virus and the nation’s reaction, Bruce Aylward, claimed that the situation did not suggest that we were just seeing the tip of the iceberg. If borne out by further screening, this might suggest that existing estimates of approximately 1% death rate are exact. This would make COVID-19 10 times much more dangerous than seasonal influenza, which is estimated to cause the death of 290,000 to 650,000 individuals per year around the world.

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Coronavirus Fact Check 4. : ‘It only kills the elderly, and younger people are safe’

Most individuals who are senior citizens and also do not have pertaining health problems will certainly not become seriously ill due to COVID-19 infection. But the health problem would still have a higher chance of resulting in serious respiratory illness, signs, and symptoms than seasonal flu. There are various other people coming under “at-risk group” for example health workers are a lot more prone due to the fact that they are most likely to have greater direct exposure to the infection. The actions that young and healthy individuals take will have an essential role in safeguarding the most vulnerable one in society and also in shaping the total trajectory of the virus outbreak, the actions include reporting symptoms and following quarantine directions as well.

Coronavirus Fact Check 5.: ‘You will get infected by COVID-19 only if you are with an infected person for more than 10 minutes’

Guidelines by some hospital for flu defines direct exposure as being within six feet of an infected person who coughs or sneezes for 10 minutes or more than that. However, it is feasible to be infected with much shorter interactions or perhaps by coming in contact with the virus from infected surfaces, although this is thought to be a much less common route of transmission.

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Coronavirus Fact Check 6.: ‘COVID-19 vaccine could be available within a few months’

Researchers were quick in the initial development of the coronavirus vaccine, aided by the Chinese scientists in the early development of the genetic sequence. The development of a feasible vaccine is proceeding at a rapid speed, with several groups currently experimenting with the animal models. The step-by-step trials needed before a vaccine to be in the market is still a prolonged undertaking – and a vital one to make certain that even unusual side-effects are identified. A viable vaccine in the market within a year would be certainly quick.

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