COVID-19 spreads before symptoms Appear
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COVID-19 spreads before symptoms appear – Making It Worse Than SARS

Experts say, everyone believed that coronavirus could be worse, but researches suggest that it’s much deadlier. One of the deadliest viruses known to mankind is Sars, but sadly this coronavirus is much worse.

What Does The Research State?

A number of researches of the coronavirus have been done in the past couple of months to combat its effects in our diminishing populace. Particularly studies about how long this virus from the same family, like Sars, might remain in the host.

Studies have revealed that typically, individuals with the coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 can “spread” or “shed” infective viral particles for over a duration of 20 days, as COVID-19 spreads before symptoms appear to show up within the host.

Researcher’s Suggestion

A group from China-Japan Friendship Health Hospital, which additionally consisted of China National Health Commission expert Cao Bin said, “As this research verifies that even though you might think you are safe from the condition, and even if you are cleared

of infection, that is not the instance, we need to start more extended quarantines to avoid the spreading of the virus.

Caixin magazine had an interview with Cao Bin on March 11. It stated, “A period of 20 days totally goes beyond the anticipated viral shedding period for severe respiratory virus infections,” He also added, “The relatively longer viral shedding duration implies longer antiviral treatment time and also longer quarantine duration is required.

 Evidence of Severity of COVID-19 Over Sars

The transmittable nature of the COVID-19 is pointed out in the research  It mirrors from the expanding number of cases all around the world regardless of health authorities stating that it’s diminishing. COVID-19 had infected over 200,000 people in over 172 countries and has a death rate of around 9,000, as of Thursday.

Another research study showed that over 44% of the transmissions can occur prior to the infected individual shows any signs or symptoms. This coincides with the pattern of Sars but more severe than that.

The research involved over 94 patients in Guangzhou, mentioned that avoiding the spread of the virus was harder because of the high rate of transmissions prior to the signs and symptoms were evident.

“If more than 30% of transmission took place prior to the onset of signs and symptoms, contact mapping and isolation alone are less likely to be effective.”

Contact tracing and isolation alone are less likely to be successful if more than 30 percent of transmission occurred before symptom onset.”

“With a considerable percentage of pre-symptomatic transmission, steps such as enhanced personal hygiene amongst the general populace as well as social distancing would likely be the essential instruments for the disease control in the community.”

What should we do now?

If you come to know that you are infected or came close to any infected individuals, you ought to quarantine on your own or get yourself checked with the kits provided to examine if you have the virus and utmost care should be taken to not spread the infection to anyone else. Inform local authorities as soon as possible and take charge of the circumstance.

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