COVID-19 Respiratory Viral Infections
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COVID-19 Respiratory Viral Infections Research – SERB IRHPA Call

As the situation in India is becoming a cause of concern with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. SERB has announced IRHPA call specifically designed to kickstart R&D efforts because of the urgent need. We are running of time, so kindly check out all of the details below on how you can help our nation beat this pandemic:

This Call Expires In :

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COVID-19 and related respiratory viral infections

COVID-19 virus has spread rapidly throughout the world bringing an epidemic-like
situation. Given the lack of an efficacious vaccine and lack of availability of suitable
chemotherapeutic interventions, the global population has been hit hard with utmost
vulnerability to the current coronavirus outbreak. Thus, there is an urgent need to
ramp up national R&D efforts for new antivirals, vaccines, and affordable diagnostics.
With this background, SERB announces a special IRHPA Call (3-year duration)
specifically designed for COVID-19 and related respiratory viral infections.

Academic and research institutions are encouraged to submit competitive proposals
having a strong interdisciplinary component between chemists, biologists, virologists, immunologists, and clinicians, in the following areas. One of the participating institutions should have access

to BSL-3 and above facilities, along with the expertise of handling respiratory viruses as per WHO/Govt. of India protocols.

  • New or repurposed antivirals against valid viral targets; viricidal coatings; etc.
  • Affordable diagnostics for symptomatic and asymptomatic respiratory viral
  • Investigational vaccines against respiratory viruses
  • Development of disease models for respiratory viral infections
  • Studies on immune response and immunity during respiratory viral infections
  • Epidemiology of COVID and other respiratory viral infections

It is desirable to bring technical partnerships and collaborative know-how from
biotech and pharmaceutical companies. SERB is committed for strategic investments
to accelerate antiviral research under the aforementioned verticals.

Proposals should be submitted as per SERB-IRHPA format by March 30, 2020 (5
pm) through SERB online portal.

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